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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Peter and Margaret "Peggy" Ricker

Let me start out by saying that I've done all my research on this family online. I don't live in Tennessee so I haven't been able to do any onsite research YET. I found very confusing information online. I have taken down all the information I could and will share it here but I need help in making this correct and with any sources that you can offer me. I am completely aware that some of this may be incorrect, I just don't know what. If you have any further information with a reliable source, please contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

Peter Ricker (aka Peter Von Ricker) was born 4/1/1721 in Oberbrechen, Limburg-Welburg, Hesse, Germany to Johann Adam Ricker (1679-1752) and Anna Maria Statt (1682-1733). I have also seen a date of birth for Peter of about 1735 and 1751. ?

Peter Ricker
Birth: Dec. 8, 1751 Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Jan. 24, 1814 Greeneville Greene County Tennessee, USA
Served in the Revolutionary War apparently from Northampton, PA He was an Elder in the Solomon Lutheran Church. After his death, the church was apparently rebuilt over his gravesite, thus there is no marker to be found.
Oct 2012, a Find a Grave volunteer searched the entire cemetery and could not find the grave. Recent documentation is strongly suggesting that Peter Ricker b. 1721 in Germany is not this Peter Ricker and is not the Progenitor of this line.
Family links: Children: John K Ricker (1799 - 1885)
Burial: Solomon Lutheran Church Cemetery Greeneville Greene County Tennessee, USA
Created by: Michael Stills
Record added: Jul 25, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 55416716
As of 2/28/2015

Brechen is a community in Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse, Germany. Very early in Brechen’s history, there was a Roman military camp in what is now the municipal area, at a site now known as Alteburg (“High Castle”), lying on the Emsbach. In a donation document from the Lorsch Abbey dated 12 August 772, Niederbrechen and Oberbrechen had their first documentary mention under the name Brachina (“at the mountain slope”). In the time that followed, ownership of the two places passed to St. Maximin's Abbey at Trier. Over many centuries, ownership shifted back and forth between the Electorate of Trier and the Counts of Molsberg. The communities had importance as they lay on the long-distance trade road between Cologne and Frankfurt. The Berger Kirche (church) standing in the municipal area has existed since Carolingian times. In 1802, the municipal area became part of the Principality of Nassau-Weilburg, which itself passed to Prussia in 1866. As of that year, the three centres that now make up Brechen belonged to the district of Limburg; since 1974 they have belonged to the district of Limburg-Weilburg in Hesse. (Wikipedia)

Peter Ricker married Margaret Unknown.

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Name: Peter Ricker
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Ge
Birth Year: 1721
Spouse Name: Margaret Ricker
Marriage State: PA
Number Pages: 1

Tax Lists: 1772 Penn Twp, Northampton (now Carbon) Co, PA, Peter Rickel

Greene County TN DEED BOOK records that Peter Ricker purchased 150 acres of land on the south side of Nolechuckey River on 10/19/1795 from Thomas Gabel for 60 pounds.

The Deed Book from Greene County, states that Thomas Gabel sold to Peter Ricker, 150 acres on the south side of the Nolichuckey River on October 19,1795 (at Flag Branch) for 60 pounds. Property: "Greene Co., TN Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas 1783-1795", by Burgner, pg 421, " A deed of conveyance from Thomas Gable to Peter Ricker dated October 19, 1795 for 150 acres of land. 11S paid"

History of the Lutheran Church In VIRGINIA and EAST TENNESSEE" by C. W. Cassell et al 1930. Shenandoah Publishing House Inc., Strausburg, VA

"Peter Ricker served as a private in the Revolutionary War 1780-83. He was in Captain Frederick Sechler's Co., 6th Battalion, Northampton County, PA Militia."

From the Pennsylvania Archives series:

Vol. 5, page 266 - County of Berks, Reading Dec. 15,1777: I promise to pay unto Peter Ricker two months after date Thirty eight pounds, fifteen shillings in behalf of the state for him serving two months from the date here of as a substitute in Captain Ritter's Company ... Witness my hand .. Jacob Morgan LBC ... Witness: Jacob Weaver April 8, 1778 Paid.

Vol. 5, Pages 271,274 ... , County of Berks ... Payroll of Captain David Reiff's Company of the 7th and 8th classes of Berk's County, militia. Colonel Jacob Weaver ... Feb. 6, 1778 ... Peter Ricker, Drum Major, Dec. 8, 1777 .. 2 months ... Three pounds, two shillings. Peter Ricker - Feb. 6, 1778 ... pay due: six shillings.

Vol. 8, pages 463, 487 ... muster roll of Captain Frederick Sechlers Company of the sixth class in the sixth battalion of the Northhampton County Militia ... Peter Ricker ... 20 Nov. 1780, discharged Jan. 4, 1781, 1 month.

Vol. 8, page 578, 580 ... Captain Phillip Shawders Company. Penn Rangers raised and stationed in the County of Northhampton from 10 Feb. 1781 to 1 Jan. 1782 ... Peter Ricker .. 11 months, 3 days; On the rolls on 10 Feb. 1781 Peter Ricker. (18 Aug 1781 is the date of a military card that shows that a substitute, Wm Wall served in his place.)

Pennsylvania, Land Warrants, 1733-1987
Name: Peter Ricker
Acreage: 200
Warrant Location: Soldier Entitled to Donation Land

Peter Ricker lived in Northampton County, PA and maybe Northumberland (a part that was formerly Luzerne County), Pennsylvania. He may have moved to an area around Raleigh, Wake County, NC before moving to Greene County, TN.

In the 1790 U.S. Census, I found 2 men who could be Peter Ricker, one in Luzerne County, PA and one in Northhampton County, PA. I believe the one in Northhampton County, PA is the more likely although it seems to be missing all the daughters. So it could be neither one. I haven't found him in the 1800 or 1810 U.S. Census yet either.

1790 U.S. Census of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania; Series: M637; Roll: 8; Page:  52; Image: 343; Family History Library Film: 0568148, "Peter Reiper"  (sic)
Name: Peter Reipir [Peter Ruper]
Home in 1790 (City, County, State): Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Free White Persons - Males - Under 16: 3
Free White Persons - Males - 16 and over: 1
Free White Persons - Females: 5
Number of Household Members: 9

1790 U.S Census of Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; Series: M637; Roll: 8; Page: 280; Image: 468; Family History Library Film: 0568148
Name: Peter Resaker [Peter Ricksecker] [Peter Reaker]
Home in 1790 (City, County, State): Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania
Free White Persons - Males - Under 16: 4
Free White Persons - Males - 16 and over: 1
Free White Persons - Females: 1
Number of Household Members: 6

"Lutherans in Greene Co: A Bicentennial History", by Harvey Huntley, Jr., at Greeneville library, page 6, " The first elders of the church (Solomon Lutheran) were Frederick Godshall and Peter Richter". In 1797, Peter Ricker [Richter] was an Elder in The Solomon Lutheran Church (Cove Creek Church) 10 miles from Greeneville, Tennessee. The pastor was Rev. Charles Z.T. Schmidt. Fredrick Gotshaw was also an Elder.

1798 Capt. Reese Gullock's Company, Greene County, TN, 100 acres, 25 squirrel scalps
1800 Capt. Reese Gullock's Company, Greene County, TN, 100 acres

Tennessee, Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895
Pg 99, List of Free Taxable Inhabitants
Name: Peter RickerYear: 1805 Residence: Greene, Tennessee

Tennessee Census, 1810-91
Name: Peter Ricker
State: TN
County: Greene County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1805
Record Type: Tax list

Database: TN Early Census Index

1809, Capt Wilson's District, Flag Branch, Greene County, TN, 150 acres

"Ansearchin'" News, Vol. 11, No. 3 (July, 1964), pp. 123-124
Petitioners of Greene County, Tennessee, Asking for Reduction in Taxes, Etc., 1809

To the Honourable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee now sitting in Knoxville. We your humble Petitioners, Citizens of Green County of State afores'd with the Prefference [sic] of Prospect beg leave to submit &lay before your Honourable body the Supreme power of this state, The [sic] grievances which we labour under, and hope that you in your wisdom will take the several complaints under your wise consideration and supply each of them as you in your wisdom may deem right. We your Memoralists finding it Extreamly [sic] difficult from the present Embarrassment abroad, to procure money for a support of meeting the public demand:
We hope that you in your wisdom will point out a way by which our Taxes may be reduced:
Your Petitioners are astonished when taking a view of the Acts passed since the year 1804: Raising of salaries session after session till at length some of our officers of Government has [sic] double the salary they had when we first became a state: and --- what alarms your petitioners more, is we believe that in the period of time our number of Taxable Inhabitants of the state are double the number than what they were when we first became a State, and we are of the opinion that it would be right for you in your wisdom to repeal every Act passed since the year 1804, giving larger salaries to the officers of Government of every description: On the whole there are many of your petitioners that are scarcely able to procure the common necessaries of life, although called upon --- yearly:

Your Memoralists further State that after t.urning(?) to the state land law and perusing it, we are of the opinion from the Expenses incur'd, & the dreadful effects it may produce in future upon those who have been Innocent purchasers from the state of North Carolina, when their Grants are found without vallid [sic] warrants annexed to them:

We learn from the 37th section of sd law a preference of two years is given to all who have purchased such grants to procure a vallid [sic] warrant to secure their land perhaps a 2d & 3d times, but when we read in the latter part of sd section we come to a proviso as follows - viz) provided nothing therein shall be so construed as to prohibit any person having a good & vallid [sic] warrant from laying it on the land, where we your petitioners are living on, and have paid the State of North Carolina for it long since:

And since have been your obedient subjects paying towards the support of Government yearly:
And we your petitioners discover that the day of preference is Elapsed on the 3d day of December next:

Is it possible that we should become a prey to the desperate speculator Turned out of doors to rove at large: or spend all we have, at a Suit of law trying Cavate, when in fact according to the land law we have no right at all, or at least many of us expect we must purchase more warrants at six times the value of them:

And many of your Men now are of the opinion that we have great reason to believe/when taking into view the Act of Congress granting unto the state of Tennessee power to make Titles on all Bonafide Claims/Congress has a reference precisely to the Session Act & Refers to it alone as a guide, but what has been the decision in Judging Claims, why truly we learn the claims which were long since declared Invallid [sic] by the Session Act are now judged to be good in the hands of the money'd men & speculators. Is is [sic] possible that we are to have no End to this dark & unknown measure. We therefore, hope that in as much as Congress in her Act in the 3d section has promised to purchase land West & South of sd line to satisfy good and Bonafide Claims that you in your wisdom would pass a law to compel all warrants to be laid in a given time within the present limits: so as to have an end to sacrafising our best Interests, and by an Act of yours make good all grants obtained from the State of North Carolina where a consideration has been paid & now in the hands of Innocent purchasers: And your petitioners further pray the replevening law to be continued as you in your wisdom may deem right, and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

(signed by many men, including Peter Ricker)

H. Rep. Oct. 20th 1809
Read and Repd
as above
A. W. Nelson, Clk

1810, Capt Thomas Wilson's District, Greene County, TN, 150 acres

1811 was a Juror in Greene County, TN

Tennessee Census, 1810-91
Name: Peter Ricker
State: TN
County: Greene County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1812
Record Type: Tax list
Database: TN Early Census Index

"Greene Co Deeds Book 2", page 309
"April 16, 1813, one part, and George Ricker other part, both of Greene Co, TN, $100 pd, tr on S side of Chuckey River on Flag branch, a part of Peter's old survey. Wit: Gilbert Woosley, Emanuel Parman, Philip Smathers

Last Will and Testament of Peter Ricker
24 January 1814
State of Tennessee
County of Greene

In the name of God ---
I Peter Ricker of Greene County, Tennessee being sick and weak of body but of sound mind and of disposing memory. (For which I thank God), and calling to mind and the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly substances as it hath pleased God to bless me with. I give and bequeath the same in manner following:

First after the payment of my debts and funeral expenses, I give to my wife Peggy Ricker the whole of my real and personal Estate during her widowhood out of which Estate I allow her to give unto my son John, who is now a minor a horse such as the other sons have had and by him to be enjoyed for his property at the age of twenty-one: and after his discease the whole both personal and real Estate to be sold at public sale and the money arising from to be equally divided among my children to enjoy the same forever. Their names are as follows (to wit) Eve Smithers, Peggy Everitt, Jacob Ricker, George Ricker, Polly Fann, Frederick Ricker, Rachel Willit, Martin Ricker, William Ricker, John Ricker, Huldah Ricker.

2ly and justly I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend George Mills executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other of formal Wills or Testaments by me here to fore made.

In Witness whence of I have hence to set my hand and seal this ninth day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

Signed and sealed in the presence of us:
Peter Ricker
John ____German
John Cook, Sr.
Solomon Wilhoite


He and his wife are buried in unmarked graves in Solomon Lutheran Church & Cemetery, 670 Cove Creek Rd, Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee, United States (36.041083 , -82.867491, Latitude: 36° 2' 27.90" N , Longitude: 82° 52' 2.97" W) Cemetery is located 9 miles South of Greeneville, on side road connecting with Old State Road 70. This road is known locally as the Cove Creek Church Road. Cemetery is on the property of the Lutheran Church at that point. This is also known as Solomon Lutheran Church.

Peter and Margaret Ricker had 11 children. Please remember that I may or may not have these right. There are too many Eve Rickers, Mary "Polly" Rickers, etc. and it gets confusing as to who is who. If you have any corrections or more sources, please contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

1) Eva Sue Ricker (aka Eve Ricker) (DOB About 1776 in PA; DOD 1830-1833 in Greene County, TN) married Philip Smethers (aka Philip Smithers, Philip Smothers, Philip Smathers) (DOB 2/5/1772 in Albany, Berks County, PA). They had 11 children: Margaret Smethers (married John Cutshall), Catherine Smethers (married John Miller), George Smethers (married Mary Ann Crum), John Smethers (married Serapta Egusta), Peter Smethers (married Eve Ricker daughter of Jacob and Catherine Mysinger Ricker), Philip Smethers Jr. (married Mary Magdalene "Polly" Ricker ?), Eve Smethers (married John Baker), Elizabeth Smethers (married Washington Kinnamon), Daniel Smethers, Henry Smethers (married Susannah Kinnamon), Susannah Smethers.

2) Margaret "Peggy" Ricker (DOB About 1773-1775 in PA or TN?; DOD After 1860 in Greene County, TN) married Philip Everett (DOB About 1770 in ? ; DOD 1841-1850 in Greene County, TN). They had one child, Catherine "Katie" Everett who married James Cornwell.

3) Jacob Ricker (DOB About 1780 in PA; DOD 1830-1850 in Greene County, TN) married Catherine Mysinger (DOB About 1788 in VA; DOD After 1850 in Greene County, TN). They had Eve Ricker who married Peter Smethers (Smithers/Smethers/Smathers/Smothers), son of Philip Smethers (Smithers/Smethers/Smathers/Smothers) and Eva Sue Ricker. They also had Mary "Polly" Ricker who married Philip Smethers (Smithers/Smethers/Smathers/Smothers), Jr., son of Philip Smethers and Eva Sue Ricker.  Their 3rd child was a son named Peter Ricker who married Elizabeth Smethers (Smithers/Smethers/Smathers/Smothers) daughter of Philip Smethers and Eva Sue Ricker. Three siblings married 3 siblings who were their first cousins.

4) George Ricker (DOB About 1782 in Greene County, TN; DOD After 1852 in Greene County, TN) married Sarah Ricker (DOB About 1810 in Greene County, TN; DOD ? in ? ). Children ?

5) Rachel Ricker (DOB 1785-1787 in Camp Creek, Greene County, TN?; DOD After 1840 in ? ) married Joshua Willett (DOB About 1785 in ? ; DOD After 1840 in ? ). Children ?

6) James Frederick Ricker (DOB About 1785 in  Greene County, TN; DOD About 1855 in Greene County, TN) married 1st Elizabeth Hawk (aka Elizabeth Hauk) (DOB About 1785 in Greene County, TN; DOD About 1835 in Camp Creek, Greene County, TN) and 2nd Sarah "Sally" Hays (DOB About 1812 in TN; DOD ? in ? ). He and his brother, William, fought in the War of 1812. William was killed. James Frederick Ricker and Elizabeth Hawk had John Ricker (married Elizabeth Barnhardt), Jacob Ricker (married Elizabeth "Betty" Harmon Cutshall), William Ricker (married Ephe Fann, daughter of Solomon Fann and Mary Magdalene "Polly" Ricker), Samuel Luther Ricker (married Catherine Cutshall), George Ricker, Christopher Ricker (married Sarah "Sally" Bowman), Daniel Ricker (married Elizabeth "Eliza" L. Keller), Elizabeth Ricker (married Sparling Bowman III).

7) Martin Ricker, Sr. (DOB 1780-1800 in Greene County, TN; DOD 1/1862 in Warren County, IA) married 1st Phoebe Fann (DOB 1796-1800 in TN; DOD After 1860 in Warren County, IA). They had 8 children: Jacob Ricker, George Ricker, Martin Ricker Jr., Mary Ann Ricker, William R. Ricker (married Adaline Walker), Catherine Phoebe Ricker (married Isaac Best), John Ricker, Eliza Ricker (married Henry Shaw).

8) Mary Magdalene Ricker (aka Polly Ricker) (DOB About 1790 in Greene County, TN; DOD 2/15/1895 in Eureka, Greenwood County, KS) married Solomon Fann, Sr. (DOB 10/4/1772 in Hampshire County, VA; DOD After 3/1852 in ? ) on 4/21/1814 in Greene County, TN. They had 9 children: Fredreick Ricker (married Catherine Ricker), Alfred or Albert Fann married Sarah Willett, Ephe Fann (aka Eve Fann) married William Ricker, Rebecca Fann married William Shannon, Solomon Fann Jr married Margaret Ricker (daughter of John K. Ricker and Mary Delila Lyles) and Nancy M. Bird, Adam Fann married Mary A. Henson, John Fann married Margaret Cynthia Mariah Dodson, Elijah A. Fann married Charlotte Unknown, George Fann.

9) John K. Ricker (DOB 6/7/1799 in Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN; DOD 5/29/1885 in Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN) married Mary Delila Lyle(s) (DOB 2/16/1806 in Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN; DOD 4/30/1891 in Limestone Springs, Greene County, TN) on 1/15/1821 in Greene County, TN. They had 13 children: Nancy Ann Ricker married William B. Cutshall, Margaret Ricker married Solomon Fann, Martha Ricker married Jacob Cutshall, David Sidney Ricker married Almira Cross, Elijah John Ricker married Catherine Elizabeth Lamb, Frederick K. Ricker married Nancy Jane Taylor, Susannah A. Ricker married Edward M. Nolen, Daniel Peter Ricker married 1st Mary Elizabeth Taylor and 2nd Martha Emmeline Haire, Eve Ricker married James Dorsey Carlisle, Mary Jane Ricker married John Oliver Lamb, Malinda Ricker married Stephen C. Jennings, John K. Ricker Jr. married Louisa Jane Humphreys, Sarah Caroline Ricker married Emanuel King. John K. Ricker is my direct ancestor through Susannah A. Ricker.

10) Huldah Ricker (DOB 1803-1807 in Greene County, TN; DOD 1850-1858 in Greene County, TN) married Michael Crum (DOB About 1797 in Greene County, TN; DOD 12/9/1872 in ? ). They had Amilda "Milda" Malinda Crum (married Wesley Lamon), Rachel Eliza Crum (married James Jones), Andrew "Andy" Crum (married Rachel Johnson), John Crum (married Margaret Willett), Elizabeth Emeline Crum, William Crum, (married Mary Winkle), Emanuel Crum (married Mary E. Bird).

11) William Ricker (DOB About 1803 in Greene County, TN; DOD 2/18/1815 in New Orleans, LA during the War of 1812.

If Peter Ricker was born as early as 1721 or 1735, and you look at the dates of birth for Peter and Margaret Ricker's children, he started having children at a very late age and fought in the Revolutionary War at about 60 yrs old??? I can't help but wonder if  1721 is an incorrect date of birth for him or if there wasn't another generation that's missing. Maybe a Peter Sr. and a Peter Jr.? Or more than one Peter Ricker? If you have any corrections, further information or additional sources, please contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com.

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I found where a Peter son of Johann Nickel Ricker (Rucker) csme over in g 1738t to Philadelphia and there was a Johann from that same area of Germany. Peter would have been my gg or ggg grandfather. James Wiley Ricker was my great grandfather. PRI_djr@yahoo.com
Debbie Ricker Price

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