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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thriller Thursday - Haskell Eugene Perry and Harold Henry Perry's Violent Deaths

Murrey Lee Perry (DOB 3/31/1894 in Woodruff, Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 9/21/1978 in Greer, Greenville County, SC) married Lizzie Massengale (DOB 1/1/1894 in Spartanburg County, SC to Thomas Sloan Massengale and Susan Brown; DOD 12/26/1980 in Spartanburg County, SC).

They had 6 children:

1) Clyde Thomas "Jake" Perry (DOB 3/27/1912 in SC; DOD 6/13/1980 in Greer, Greenville County, SC) married Aileen Elizabeth Childers.

2) Harold Henry Perry (DOB 4/16/1915 in Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 10/24/1954 in Greenville, Greenville County, SC) married Helen ? . They had Lillian Perry and Mary Sue Perry. He was married to Evelyn ? .

3) Jessie Mozelle Perry (DOB 9/3/1916 in Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 7/7/1998 in Greer, Greenville County, SC) married Lewis Bascom Harvey (DOB 2/29/1920 in Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 11/18/2010 in Greer, Greenville County, SC). They had Brenda Kay Harvey.

4) Wilton Everett Perry (DOB 10/11/1918 in Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 12/22/1989 in Greer, Greenville County, SC) married Clara Helen Gowan (DOB 4/1/1925 in Greer, Greenville County, SC; DOD 9/12/2011 in Greer, Spartanburg County, SC). They had Kent Perry.

5) Haskell Eugene Perry (DOB 9/7/1921 in Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 12/11/1948 in Greenville County, SC). He served during World War II in the 92nd Combat Bombardment Wing as a Private First Class (enlisted 9/10/1942, discharged 10/31/1945 honorably). Married Barbara ? .

6) Jim Charles Perry, Sr. (DOB 9/27/1924 in Cashville, Spartanburg County, SC; DOD 11/5/1995 in Greer, Greenville County, SC) married Dorothy Eria Davis (DOB 11/20/1928; DOD 3/29/1972). They had Jim Charles Perry, Jr. and Betty Ann Perry. He married 2nd Evelyn Louise "Lucy" Perry (DOB 10/18/1939 in Greenville County, SC; DOD 8/23/2009 in Greer, Greenville County, SC).

Haskell Eugene Perry was only 27 yrs old when he was killed in a bar fight on 12/11/1948. His older brother Harold Henry Perry was seriously wounded in the same fight. His death certificate says he was married to a Barbara Perry but she is not mentioned as a survivor in his obituary.

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 12/12/1948, Pg 14

The Index Journal, Greenwood, SC, 12/13/1948, Pg 8

Haskell Eugene Perry
BIRTH 7 Sep 1921
DEATH 11 Dec 1948 (aged 27)
BURIAL Bellview Baptist Church Cemetery, Woodruff, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA
MEMORIAL ID 44212057

Harold Henry Perry was only 39 yrs old when he was shot and killed in an altercation with his separated wife's neighbor on 10/24/1954.

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 4/8/1947, Pg 2

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 6/21/1951, Pg 1

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 10/27/1954, Pg 19

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 1/18/1955, Pg 10
"Testimony In Tilley Trial Ends; Jury To Inspect Site"
by Ruth Walker
Testimony in the trial of John C. Tilley (John Carroll Tilley), 36, charged with murder in the death of Harold Henry Perry, 39, was completed yesterday in General Sessions Court before Judge C. Bruce Littlejohn. The jury is to visit the premises, hear attorney's arguments and the judge's charge tomorrow. Court will not be in session today.
Perry was fatally shot by a .22 rifle the night of Oct. 24 in the driveway of the Perry home at 222 Hammett St., Park Place. The Tilley home is next door at 220 Hammett St.
Tilley testified yesterday afternoon that he shot Perry in defense of his own life.
Also in court yesterday, John Burgess, 25, charged with reckless homicide and involuntary manslaughter, pleaded guilty as to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Mrs. Leila Powell. He was sentenced to serve three years, ...
Five Witnesses in the Tilley trial, the State called five witnesses and the defense called four.
Clarence Cappell is assisting Solicitor James R. Mann in the prosecution.
Attorneys for Tilley are Robert B. Kay and B.O. (Tommy) Thomason Jr.
State witnesses were Dr. J.I. Converse, county physician, who said a bullet wound of the heart was the cause of death; Deputies Paul Patson and Carlos Weathers; Mrs. Harold Perry, wife of the victim, and Mrs. Edith Young, who lives in the Perry home.
Defense witnesses were Mrs. Ruth Cobb, a neighbor; Mrs. Connie Whitfield, mother-in-law of Tilley; Mrs. Margaret Tilley, wife of the defendant, and Tilley, the defendant.
Testimony was to the effect that the Tilleys, the Perrys, Mrs. Edith Young, and two children (one belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Perry and one being Mrs. Perry's by a previous marriage) went to the upper part of the county in Tilley's car. They bought some "moonshine" liquor and all members of the party drank except the children.
Back at the Perry house, the two men got into an altercation. Subsequently, the shooting occurred in the driveway of the Perry home.
According to a statement attributed to Tilley and introduced by the prosecution, Perry accused him of attentions to Mrs. Perry. Tilley denied the accusation and Perry hit him in the mouth, the statement said. Then Tilley got Perry on the floor and explained that he had had nothing to do with Mrs. Perry, the statement said.
Went Across Street
Perry, the statement continued, went across the street to call officers but Mrs. Perry followed and asked him not to do so. Tilley started to his car. Perry came back across the road. There were further words. According to the statement, Perry started around the car and Tilley shot him. The statement said he shot "four or five times".
Deputy Weathers, who told of finding a knife near Perry's body, quoted Tilley as saying that he did not see anything in Perry's hands.
Mrs. Perry, wife of the man who was shot, said the house in which she lives belongs to Mrs. Tilley's mother. She told about the group leaving that afternoon at about 6:30 pm to go for a ride. All except the children drank, she said. The group, on returning to Greenville, went into the Perry house, except for Mrs. Tilley, who was in the car, Mrs. Perry said.
Concerning the time just before the shooting, the witness said that she heard Tilley say to her husband: "If you come around that I'm going to kill you." Asked if her husband was correct in accusing Tilley of running around with her, she said her husband was "very much mistaken". When she was asked if she had ever seen the knife before, Mrs. Perry said that Perry was using it at the time for the work in which he was engaged. She said that she and Perry had been separated for more than a year but that he was living there while he was assisting in bricklaying on a church at Park Place and because he wanted to be near his children. The witness said she introduced Perry and Tilley that day.
Defense Witness Mrs. Cobb, first of the defense witnesses, lives across the street from the Perry and Tilley homes. She said that she had gone outside to feed her dogs when she heard a disturbance in the neighborhood. She told of seeing Mr. Perry knocking on a neighboring door. The witness testified that she saw Mrs. Perry put her arms around his neck and advise him not to call the "law". She said the man ran both hands in his pockets and said he was going to kill the "---". Mrs. Cobb told of hearing one shot and then a group of sounds that she thought came from firecrackers.
The defendant, on the stand yesterday afternoon, testified that the day before the shooting he bought the rifle, to be used in squirrel hunting. He said he had never met Perry before the afternoon of the shooting. He described the trip to the mountains. At the Perry home, he said, Perry mentioned a sore ankle and asked for help in getting into the house. Tilley testified that he helped Perry get a shoe off. Then ensued a disagreement after Perry accused him of paying attention to Mrs. Perry. As for the moments just prior to the shooting, he said he was at the car when he heard someone running. He quoted Perry as saying "___ you, I'll get you." The defendant said he twice told Perry not to come around the car. Tilley said he then fired shots. Tilley testified that he was afraid Perry was going to kill him. He said that he did not see a knife. He asserted that the space between the fence and his car was roughly two and one-half to three feet and that he was backed up against a hedge bush when he fired. Concerning some of the information in his statement before officers, the defendant explained that at the time he was stammering scared and still nervous.

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 1/20/1955, Pg 2
"Tilley Acquitted In Perry Death; New Trial Started" By Ruth Walker John C. Tilley, 36, tried for murder in the rifle death of Harold Henry Perry, 39, was acquitted yesterday by a General Sessions Court jury that received the case at about 2:50 p.m. and returned its verdict at about 6:10 p.m. Perry was shot the night of Oct. 24 in the driveway of the Perry home at 222 Hammett St., Park Place. The Tilley home is next door at 220 Hammett St. Tilley's testimony was that he shot in defense of his own life. Testimony in the case was completed Monday. The jury yesterday visited the premises, heard attorneys' arguments and the charge by Judge C. Bruce Littlejohn. Court was not in session Tuesday. B.O. (Tommy) Thomason Jr. and Robert B. Kay were court appointed attorneys for Tilley. Clarence Cappell assisted Solicitor James R. Mann in the prosecution.

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