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Sunday, January 13, 2019

With Two Beautiful Women On His Arm and Leg!

My niece and her husband took the 4 children up to see Kyle's family in Illinois for Christmas. While there, his high school friend got married and wanted Kyle in the wedding and little Brooke to be the flower girl. Someone took this adorable picture of Kyle dancing with Jenny and Brooke attached to his leg. I'm sure their other daughter, Natalie, would be attached to the other leg if she were old enough, LOL. I had to make a digital scrapbook page of this and the journaling says, "Kyle has the two most beautiful women in the room on his arm... and leg". Not to dismiss the bride or any other beautiful women there, but just to make it funny. The only way the photo would have been more perfect was if Kyle had also been looking at the camera. But I think it's an adorable symbol too of how a little girl looks to her Daddy for attention and approval. You Dads have a big responsibility towards your boys AND girls. Boys want their Dad's love, to be like you and for you to be proud of them. Girls want their Dad's love, to see them and have their Dad's attention. I can honestly say, in our family, the fathers have really tried to be good fathers to their children, boys and girls. What a blessing! My own Dad was, and is, a wonderful father.

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