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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Samuel Bruce Ensley Genealogy Scrapbook

Samuel Bruce Ensley was born 6/19/1829 in Sandy Mush, Buncombe County, NC (later would be in Madison County, NC) to William Ensley (DOB 1781-1783 in Hyde County, NC to John Ansley and Hannah Cain; DOD Abt. 1872 in Leicester, Buncombe County, NC) and Elizabeth Brown (DOB Abt. 1785 in Burke County, NC to James Brown and Elizabeth Thompson; DOD Abt. 1832 in Sandy Mush, Buncombe County, NC).

Samuel Bruce Ensley married Rachel Pauline Cassada (DOB Abt. 1835 in Reem's Creek, Weaverville, Buncombe County, NC to William Cassada and Jane Harrison; DOD Abt. 1879 in Madison County, NC). They had 12 children: Sarah Katherine Ensley, Melissa Jane Ensley, Margaret Alice Ensley, John Elmore Ensley, George Stokely Ensley, James Harley Ensley, Arthur Van Buren Ensley, Charles McClelland Ensley, Florence Vianna Ensley, Herbert Alfonso Ensley, Louester Elmira Ensley.

Samuel Bruce Ensley served in the War of Northern Aggression in C.S.A. NC 60th Regiment, Co. F, Private. He was taken prisoner and was exchanged and rejoined his company. Here are the records I have on Samuel Bruce Ensley and I did it on these digital scrapbook pages, heritage pages.6 May


Christmas 2018

 Christmas at our niece, Jenny's. She and her husband and 4 children hosted us this year!

Christmas Eve at Stan's Mother's condo. Some of us were not there due to illness. But still a crowd!

Jenny and Kyle took their family up to Illinois to Kyle's parents' home. Here they are Christmas Eve at their grandparents.

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