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Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Mom, The Dreamer

This is my digital scrapbook page of my Mother. She had such dreams and big ideas and she pursued them. They didn't usually pan out as she was ahead of her time but she was so smart. I miss my Mother.

Mom's Trip To Thailand 1979

My Mother's youngest brother, James Reese, was a world traveler. He was a economics professor for the University of Maryland. He was sent around the world to hold classes for military men/women stationed on foreign bases. He lived in Japan, Thailand, the Phillipines, Germany, etc. Mom only made one visit overseas and that was to see him in Thailand. At the time she had a gift and jewelry retail store and wholesale business. He was making contacts in Thailand for her. So she flew out to meet them. This was in 1979 and she was 41 yrs old. I made this digital scrapbook page of her trip. For some reason, Mr. Camera, didn't take that many photos of her trip. But I found these two.

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