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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Aunt Judy In Her High School Beauty Pageant

I made this digital scrapbook page about my aunt in her high school beauty pageant.

Appalachia Scrapbook Pages

I have family roots in the Appalachian Mountains on my mother's side. I wanted to do some digital scrapbook pages about Appalachia, the history. Here are my layouts. These are part of a book I'm putting together about my Mother so there are mentions of my family and why I focused on certain towns. They aren't in any particular order either.

Digital scrapbook page about the Old Buncombe County, NC, roads and their importance in the settlement of Western North Carolina.

Flood of 1916

Digital scrapbook pages about faith, Baptist doctrines, circuit rider preachers, outdoor baptisms in rivers, streams, lakes. How they worshiped, church, revivals.

 Digital scrapbook pages about the War of Northern Aggression (aka Civil War) in Madison County, NC.

Digital scrapbook pages describing early clothing in Western North Carolina mountains.

Digital scrapbook page on the Black Panther legend in Western North Carolina mountains.

Digital scrapbook pages about education and schools in Western North Carolina mountains including Dorland Bell School (Dorland Institute) andMars Hill College.

Digital scrapbook pages of the history of Elizabethton, Carter County, TN.

Digital scrapbook pages detailing the history of Hot Springs, Madison County, NC.

Digital scrapbook pages of history of Western North Carolina, history of Indian (Native Americans) including presence, Daniel Boon and Davie Crockett.

Digital scrapbook pages about cotton mills and mill village.

Digital scrapbook pages about the labor unrest, strikes, cotton mills.

Digital scrapbook pages that tell how the National Parks came into existence in Western North Carolina and some history about building the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

Digital scrapbook pages about logging in the Western North Carolina and East Tennessee counties.

Digital scrapbook pages of the history of Marion, McDowell County, NC.

Digital scrapbook pages about Clinchfield Cotton Mill in Marion, McDowell County, NC.

 Digital scrapbook page on Ridgecrest.

Digital scrapbook page of Rosman, Transylvania County, NC.

Digital scrapbook page of a small mountain church, Meadowfork Baptist Church.

Digital scrapbook page of Spring Hill community

Digital scrapbook pages about how the Reese family got to Western North Carolina.

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