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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Monday, July 23, 2018

Some More Scrapbook Pages

This one is of our grandnephew Brett. He had let his hair grow out a little long but he finally requested a hair cut and he looked so handsome. When his mother posted this picture, the Facebook comments were flying about how good it looked. Here is my digital scrapbook page of the before and after the haircut.

This is another grandniece, Brooke, at a birthday party earlier this year. It was at a gymnastics center. Pretty good idea. So here is my digital scrapbook page of the birthday party at the gymnastics center.

This is our niece Jenny with their 4th child, Natalie. Natalie is four months old in this photo. So here is my digital scrapbook page of her 4 months old picture with Mommy.

Our little scamp, Ryan! Jenny and her family live in California right now but they come every summer for a nice long visit. I had just gotten to my sister's house and seeing them all for the first time this year. They were all so excited to see me and Ryan breaks into a "hoe down" dance.

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