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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Brett's Field Day At School

Our grandnephew, Brett, did well in his Field Day sports. His mother said he played hard! Afterwards she took him for a popsicle and snapped this picture. He's grown so much! Here is my digital scrapbook page about his field day. The background of his picture was a bad metal building so I cut it out and put a snazzy background. For colors I chose to use the neon orange in his tshirt, the purple from the background and a neon pink to match his popsicle. The other color was beige blonde from his hair. I chose the background paper because of the colors and yet it has a rough, dragged texture. I used the hexagon stamp and stitching in blonde to go along with the geometric in the background of his picture. I chose daisies and clover because that's what grows in fields and it was "Field Day". The gel frame and looping cord made it fun. I hope I captured the zany, bright fun that he had on his Field Day!

Monday, June 05, 2017

Cash At The Beach

Evans and Chelsea took Cash to the beach. I loved this picture! Our little grandnephew is so little but he thinks he's so big and he just looks so exhilarated and self confident here. I had the colors from his swim trunks and the background ocean to deal with so I selected grays, beiges, blues and yellows with a smidgen of the bright pink (the pink stripe in his shorts). The sun and sand are not in the picture but I represented them in the yellows and the sand scatter. I used a quote from Jonathon Livingstone Seagull that captures how happy and self confident he looks. Always be yourself little man and feel great about being yourself!

Ryan Is Five!

Our grandnephew, Ryan, turned five years old. Our niece, Jenny, got these great photos of him and I loved them so here is the digital scrapbook page I made for his birthday. This is not your typical birthday page with birthday presents, cake and balloons. I did add some birthday candles but it's more a focus page on him honoring his birthday. These pics are just so representative of him. I adore his little sprinkle of freckles on that adorable nose! The freckles, the sun kissed cheeks, the dirt, the sunshine and green grass, the hair flipping in the breeze and the bottom picture has his thoughtful look with his mouth sort of quirked like he does when he's thinking. Love this little boy!

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