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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mack Sanford Hiatt and Hazel H. Hedgecock

Mack Sanford Hiatt was born 2/2/1890 in Davidson County, NC to Alfred Mack Hiatt (DOB 1/14/1848 in NC; DOD 8/3/1934 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC) and Sarah Glendora Spring (DOB 12/21/1851 in NC; DOD 1/25/1922 in High Point, Guilford County, NC). Alfred Mack Hiatt had also married Margaret Albertine Simmerson (DOB 9/17/1872 in Davidson County, NC to John Harrison Simmerson and Mary Ann Wood; DOD 3/20/1962 in Lexington, Davidson County, NC). Mary Ann Wood was the daughter of James William Wood and Sophia Barnes and the Barnes are one of my lines. So Mack Sanford Hiatt is very tenuously attached to the Barnes line (not by blood) and I found him and his family as I was researching the Barnes line.

Alfred Mack Hiatt and Sarah Glendora Spring had 8 children:

1) Emma J. Hiatt (DOB 4/18/1873 in NC; DOD 6/11/1900 in Davidson County, NC) married Samuel Lee Darr (DOB 11/7/1868 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 3/27/1946 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC). S. Lee Darr married 2nd Margaret Emaline Kanoy (DOB 7/12/1867 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 5/15/1951 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC).

2) Minnie Mary Hiatt (DOB 5/21/1876 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 1/1/1959 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC) married Charles Alfred Cridlebaugh (DOB 6/6/1868 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 9/26/1899 in Davidson County, NC). They had Anne Banks Cridlebaugh and Charlie Mae Cridlebaugh (both females). She married William Thomas Anderson (DOB 9/9/1862 in High Point, Guilford County, NC; DOD 9/20/1937 in High Point, Guilford County, NC). They had Glennie Alma Anderson. William Thomas Anderson was also married to Minnie Lena Rivers.

3) John William Hiatt (DOB 12/6/1877 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 7/24/1978 in Thoomasville, Davidson County, NC) married Sudie Pearl Lindsay (DOB 6/19/1880 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 1/26/1918 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC) and they had John Wade Hiatt and Grace Winifred Hiatt. He also married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Virginia Payne (DOB 10/24/1897 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 1/9/1992 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC). They had Pauline Almeda Hiatt, Ruus Everett Hiatt, Dorothy Elizabeth Hiatt, Mabel Payne Hiatt, Charles Warren Hiatt, Glennie Louise Hiatt, William Lindley Hiatt, Mary Frances Hiatt, Peggy Virginia Hiatt.

4) Maude Winifred Hiatt (DOB 3/22/1881 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 5/26/1881 in Davidson County, NC).

5) Ruth G. Hiatt (DOB 4/8/1882 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 7/16/1910 in Davidson County, NC) married Walter Cleveland "Cleve" Grimes (DOB 8/18/1887 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 10/19/1958 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC). Walter Cleveland Hiatt also married Lillie Jane Bingham (DOB 10/7/1894 in NC; DOD 5/15/1975 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC).

6) John Spurgeon Hiatt, Sr. (DOB 10/19/1884 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 7/2/1963 in Elkin, Surry County, NC) married Maude Eugenia Jones (DOB 10/19/1888 in NC; DOD 9/4/1985 in Southern Pines, Moore County, NC). They had Joseph Spurgeon Hiatt, Jr., Alfred Mack Hiatt, Ruth E. Hiatt, Anna Faye Hiatt.

7) Bessie Deering Hiatt (DOB 4/25/1887 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 7/20/1957 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC) married Robert Lee Murphy (DOB 10/5/1882 in NC, DOD 4/8/1961 in Thomasville, Davidson County, NC). They had 6 sons: Ivory Murphy, Joe Alfred Murphy, Jessie Murphy, Francis Woodrow Murphy, Cleveland Lee Murphy, Paul Pervy Murphy.

8) Mack Sanford Hiatt (DOB 2/2/1890 in Davidson County, NC; DOD 5/29/1951 in Forsyth County, NC) married 1st Hazel H. Hedgecock (DOB 7/30/1892 in Guilford County, NC; DOD 3/20/1916 in High Point, Guilford County, NC) and 2nd Huron Theresa Stewart (DOB 10/27/1982 in NC, DOD 6/1/1973 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC).

1900 U.S. Census of Thomasville, Davidson County, NC, Roll: 1192; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 0039; FHL microfilm: 1241192, Family #265, Lines 28-33, "Alfred M. Hiatt"
Alfred M. Hiatt, Head, W(hite), M(ale), Born Jan, 1848, 52 yrs old, Married 30 yrs, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Farmer, Can read and write, Owns farm free of mortgage, Can read and write
Sarah C. Hiate, Wife, W, F, Born Dec, 1851, 48 yrs old, Married 30 yrs, 8 children with 7 still living, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write

1910 U.S. Census of High Point Ward 1, Guilford, North Carolina; Roll: T624_1114; Page: 15B; Enumeration District: 0116; FHL microfilm: 1375127, Family 258, Lines 96-100, "John M. Johnson"
John M. Johnson, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 31 yrs old (DOB 1879), 1st marriage, Married 12 yrs, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Drayman or grocery store
Prudie B. Johnson, Wife, F, W, 33 yrs old (DOB 1877), 1st marriage, Married 12 yrs, 5 children with 2 still living, Born in NC, , Both parents born in NC, chair bottoms from home
Robiny N. Johnson, Daughter, F, W, 8 yrs old (DOB 1902), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
James B. Johnson, Son, M, W, 4 yrs old, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Mack S. Hiatt, Lodger, M, W, 20 yrs old (DOB 1890), Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Mail carrier in rural free delivery

Mack Sanford Hiatt and Hazel H. Hedgecock married 9/20/1914 in Guilford County, NC.

North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011
Name: Hazel H Hedgecock
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 22
Birth Year: abt 1892
Marriage Date: 13 Sep 1914
Marriage Place: Guilford, North Carolina, USA
Father: J H Hedgecock
Mother: Julia E Hedgecock
Spouse: Mack S Hiatt
Spouse Gender: Male
Spouse Race: White
Spouse Age: 24
Spouse Father: Am Hiatt
Spouse Mother: S G Hiatt
Event Type: Marriage

North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011
Name: Hack S Hiatt (sic)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birth Year: abt 1890
Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1914
Marriage Place: Guilford, North Carolina, USA
Spouse: Hazel H Hedgecock
Spouse Gender: Female
Spouse Age: 22
Event Type: Marriage

Poor Hazel Hedgecock Hiatt was killed in a train wreck. Here are the stories I found about the train wreck and her untimely death at the young age of 23 years old on 3/20/1916 in High Point, Guilford County, NC.

Train Wreck, The High Point Enterprise, 3/20/1916, Pg1 and Pg 8
One Person Killed And More Than A Score Are Injured In Train Wreck At Jamestown
The Condition Of Three Is Serious
Only A Fighting Chance For Miss Green, Mr. Carroll and Miss Biggers
Twenty Eight Injured
Southern Train No. 43 Wrecked By Durallmint Freight Cars Early Sunday Evening
As the result of the wrecking of Southern passenger train No. 43 at Jamestown yesterday evening, one person is dead, three are in a most critical condition, and about 24 others are suffering from injuries ranging from slight bruises to broken limbs. Mrs. M.S. Hiatt succumbed to her terrible injuries about 1 o'clock this morning and this afternoon the condition of Miss Mary Green, of Thomasville, and D.C. Carroll, of Oak Hill, Va., was reported as being extremely critical, with just a chance for recovery, while Miss Caroline Biggers, of Thomasville, is also reported to be in a serious condition. This week, which occurred at the Jamestown station just a little after 7 o'clock Sunday evening, was the worst in this section in many years, and those who viewed the disaster can only wonder that the loss of life was not heavier. Cars were piled up, pieces of lumber rammed through the passenger coaches, a baggage car turned over, and all about a mass of evidence of the terrific destruction wrought by the impact of the derailed freight cars as they crashed into the slowly moving passenger train. News of the wreck spread rapidly, a call coming from Jamestown or all of the High Point doctors not only starting the local members of the medical fraternity speeding to the scene, but practically every other automobile in the city was soon eating up the dust covered five miles between here and there. The work of rescue went forward with remarkable speed, and soon the platform and the waiting room of the little station at Jamestown held their capacity of wounded humanity. The crowd was soon augmented by Greensboro people; the doctors arriving first, these followed by a long string of automobiles bearing persons who had friends on the ill-fated train or drawn there through curiosity. The doctors were greatly aided in their care of the injured by the hands of hundreds of willing people, and in a very short time the engine and three baggage and mail cars of No. 43, which had not felt the effect of the freight derailment, started on their way to High Point, bringing eight wounded. Other injured, considered less serious, were hurried here in automobiles, and soon a score or more of persons were under treatment. At the hospital it was seen that there was no chance for Mrs. Hiatt, but in spite of her terrible injuries she clung tenaciously to the weakening thread of life until about 1 o'clock this morning. Grave ears are also entertained for Miss Mary Greene, of Thomasville and today she was pronounced as being probably the most seriously hurt of any now at the hospital. She has a fractured skull and other injuries, and in addition is suffering greatly from shock. It is announced that she has only a fighting chance. D.C. Carroll, of Oak Hill, Va., is also in a most serious condition. He has several deep lacerations on his head and face, and one leg and one arm fractured. He is said to have a fighting chance to recover. The next most seriously injured is Miss Carolina Biggers, of Thomasville, whose left leg is fractures, and it was said that amputation would possibly be necessary. She sustained other injuries. Miss Ethel Johnson, of Jamestown, has a laceration on the back of her head, a lacerated lip, and badly bruised limbs. Leon Street, of Greensboro, has a fracture of both his left arm and left leg. He is expected to recover. James Elliott, of Thomasville, has a long scalp wound, several bruises on the body and is said to be in serious condition, but with the chances of recovery in his favor. A.M. Kester, of Charlotte, had several lacerations on the body, but was able to leave the hospital last night. Frank Norris, a Spencer about 10 or 12 years of age, was injured about the head and body, but not of such a nature as to cause apprehension for his recovery. Miss Mae Cridlebough, of High Point, had her right leg fractures. L.D. Payne of Willowbrook street, sustained injuries about both ankles and a number of severe bruises. His injuries, while not serious are very painful and he is confined to bed. His little four year old daughter, Edythe, who was with him on the train, has had a bad compound fracture of the right leg, about four inches of the bone protruded through the flesh between the knee and hip. J.M. Stephenson, of Ward street, sustained a number of painful bruises and sprains. He is at home. Miss Iola Perryman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Perryman, had a remarkable escape from serious and probably fatal injuries. She and her sister, Rozena, were returning from Greensboro, where they had been attending the presentation of "The Holy City," at the State Normal. Miss Iola was sitting between Mrs. Hiatt, who was fatally injured, and Miss Mae Cridlebough, who was seriously hurt, and it is probably due to the fact that her companions received the full force of the impact that Miss Iola escaped. She sustained a number of very painful bruises about the body and legs, but it is believed she will be able to leave her bed in a few days. Miss Clara Blair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Blair, was returning from Guilford college. She had three ribs broken and received a number of painful bruises. It is thought, however, that unless pneumonia or other complications set in she will soon recover. The exact cause of the wreck at Jamestown may never be known. It was either a head-on or a rear-end collision, but resulted from an impact of freight cars from a parallel track, which were derailed, but by what cause has not been determined. The wreck occurred just as No. 43 was pulling out from the Jamestown station, according to passengers. The train was crowded, as is usual on Sundays probably more so yesterday on account of a number of people from here Thomasville and other places attending the performance of "The Holy City" at the State Normal college in Greensbor yesterday. No. 43 was running about 10 minutes late, it is said, and had stopped at Jamestown to take on passengers. Just as the train started out, having moved, according to the passengers, only a few feet, the crash came. Regular freight No. 74 was passing on the northbound track, and just making it's usual good schedule speed. Just as it was passing No. 43, one of the freight cars in some unexplained manner was derailed, plunging into the coaches of the passenger train. The derailed car pulled others after it, and in the twinkling of an eye several freight cars followed the runaway, the cars soon being mashed into a heap of wreckage. Apparently the first car to leave the track was one loaded with lumber, and the impact as it struck the baggage car was such that the latter was turned on it's side, while the lumber loosened bombarded the two following passenger coaches. Behind the lumber car was a tank car which added its weight in making kindling of the frailer obstructions. The first passenger coach had its top staved in, and was given a decided tilt. The second passenger coach struck was crushed almost as though it had been an eggshell, and it was here that the greatest damage was done. The news of the wreck was flashed to High Point and Greensboro, and soon special trains were rushed to Jamestown carrying doctors and stretchers, only the briefest possible time elapsing between the wreck and the time of the arrival of aid from High Point, Greensboro's assistance, owing to the greater distance, arrived a little later. Despite the terrible suffering and the nerve wrecking moments usually attending such disasters, the work of rescue was carried on with speed and efficiency and even the suffering persons showed a remarkable degree of self possession during the trying minutes, apparently being anxious to aid in every way possible those who were trying to relieve them. No. 43 was in charge of one of the Southern's best and oldest men, Arch Rowzie, who only Friday was presented a medal by President Harrison of the Southern, in recognition of his long service with the road. W.L. Finks was conductor, E.C. Elmore was engineer o the freight. The wreck was cleared by 3 o'clock this morning, it is said, to permit traffic to pass through, the Southern wrecking crew doing a fine piece of work. The railroad authorities, realizing the great injury suffered by so many people, have not delayed action on their part in order to find out the cause or responsibility of the wreck. They were on the ground promptly last night and this morning to render every conceivable aid to the injured and to the friends and family of the injured, and to provide all medical attention and other services. It is believed that when the injured are physically able they stand ready to negotiate an adjustment with each and every one injured.

Mrs. Hiatt Made A Valiant Fight
Succumbed At 1 O'clock This Morning To Injuries Received In Jamestown Wreck
Was Returning Home
Funeral Will Be Held At Wesley Memorial Wednesday Morning at 11 O'Clock
After putting up one of the most valiant fights for life that her physicians had ever witnessed, Mrs. Hazel Hiatt, age 22, the young wife of Mack S. Hiatt, of Morris street, this city, died in the High Point hospital at 1 o'clock this morning from injuries received in the wreck of Southern passenger train No. 43 at Jamestown last evening. Mrs. Hiatt, known from the very first to be the worst of the more than score who were badly injured in last night's wreck, was given the closest attention by the physicians. At the scene of the wreck it was seen that her injuries were just about as serious as could possibly be. Mrs. Hiatt was found to be suffering with a fracture of both legs, a crushed hip, and broken arms; her face was cut with glass and there were internal injuries. So badly was her little body crushed and mangled by the awful crush of timbers which resulted when the lumber car of the freight crashed sideways into the passenger car in which she was a passenger, that the physciain would hardly find a spot on her body to which to inject the hypodermic. The injured lady was placed on the express car with a half dozen of the others who were more seriously hurt. Her husband, Mack S. Hiatt, reached the scene soon after information of the wreck reached High Point. He and W. E. Burton were at her side all the times while the slowly moving cars of sufferers made its way from Jamestown to High Point. It is said that Mrs. Hiatt's first words after the crash signified that she realized the seriousness of her injuries. Mrs. Hiatt was the daughter of John Henry Hedgecock, who lives a little more than two miles north of High Point. She was born at the home place a little over 23 years ago. For a dozen years or more Mrs. Hiatt has been a member of Wesley Memorial church. Her friends assert that the first thoughts of her life were toward her church. Mrs. Hiatt's mother has been dead for a number of years. She has two brothers, Ray of Royal Lynne, Conn., and Basil, of High Point. Ray has been notified and it is expected that he will come at once. In September, 1914, she married Mack S. Hiatt, and they lived on Morris street in a new home that they built just after their marriage. Mr. Hiatt is a carrier on R.F.D. No. 5, out of this city. Their married life has been a most happy and beautiful one. Mrs. Hiatt, her half sister, Miss Charlotte Mae Criddlebaugh, Miss Iola Perryman, Miss Rozena Perryman, and Miss Treva Cook, all went to Greensboro on No. 36 to witness "The Holy City" a the State Normal. Mrs. Hiatt was sitting next to the window, Miss Iola Perryman in the middle of Miss Cridlebough next to the aisle in one seat and Miss Rozena Perryman and Miss Cook were sitting together a few seats behind them. Just what happened except an awful crash none o the young ladies can tell. Miss Cridlebaugh is in the hospital suffering with a fracture of the right leg and Miss Iola Perryman is badly brusied and suffering from a nervous shock at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Perryman. Although she was between the two, one of whom was killed and the other injured badly, she escaped without serious result. Each of the four young ladies who went to Greensboro with Mrs. Hiatt are almost protrated with grief this morning. Miss Cook is at her home at John Henry Hedgecock's, her step-father, and since the wreck has not seen Mrs. Hiatt. Information from her this morning is that she has been prostrated ever since hearing of Mrs. Hiatt's fatality. Both of the Misses Perryman are also suffering from the shock of the wreck, coupled with the news of the death of their friend and companion. The funeral services over the remains of the late Mrs. Hiatt will be held Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock from Wesley Memorial church, and Dr. G.T. Rowe, the pastor, will conduct the services, being assisted by Rev. C.C. Stubbins. The following gentleman will be pallbearers: Active, R.E. Blair, C.J. Clapp, J.J. Farriss, Elmer Spencer, John Sicelof and A.E. Futrell; honorary, J.C. Payne, Levi Hayworth, J.E. Perryman, C. Dunbar, J.W. Kearns and W.C. Tucker Detail

Obituary of Hazel Hedgecock Hiatt, The High Point Enterprise, 3 22 1916, Pg 1 and Pg 5
Funeral Today of Mrs. Hazel Hiatt Much Sorrow Expressed Throughout The City Over The Untimely Death Of This Lady
Beautiful Tributes Paid
Services Held At Wesley Memorial Church
Attended By Hundreds Of People
Beautiful tributes were paid to the memory of the late Mrs. Hazel Hiatt, the young wife of Mack S. Hiatt, who "succumbed to the shafts of death, but at the same time overcame the sharpness of it," by her pastor, Rev. Dr. Gilber T. Rowe, and a former pastor, Rev. J.E. Thompson, now of Asheboro, at the funeral services which were held from Wesley Memorial church at 11 o'clock this morning and attended by several hundred of her relatives and friends. Mrs. Hiatt died early Monday morning as a result of the wrecking of Southern train No. 43 at Jamestown Sunday evening about 7 o'clock. The services this morning were very simple. Several familiar hymns were sung by the choir, among them being "Asleep in Jesus" and "Safe in the Arms of Jesus." Rev. R.C. Stubbies, of Mechanicsville, then read the scripture lesson, and Dr. Rowe led in prayer, asking divine comfort to the sorrowing relatives and praying that the people assembled might realize the uncertainty of death. The deceased was the daughter of John Henry and Julia Hedgecock, and was born at the old home place two miles from High Point July 30, 1892. She was the only daughter and the care of the household was placed upon her after her mother's death nine years ago, October 27, 1914, she joined Wesley Memorial church. She was educated at DeLane academy and a private school in Baltimore, and on September 20, 1914, became the wife of Mack S. Hiatt and moved into the home on Morris Street. "She was a model wife of a model home," said Dr. Rowe in his short tribute this morning. "From early childhood she loved the church and the things the church stands for. She was a lover of all that is good and true," he continued, "and while the strains of the 'Holy City' were still lingering in her ears she was called by death. She had no warning; she needed none. Although her call came suddenly, she was prepared to go." Rev. J.E. Thompson paid a beautiful tribute to the girlhood life of the deceased. He had visited her home several years ago and declared her to be "beautiful in person and character." Another home the preacher had just visited, that home where she "had dispensed brightness and given joy," and where the "light has now gone out." It was a touching comparison the speaker made of the life of Mrs. Hiatt and that of a beautiful white rose. "I passed the rose one day and then the next day I noticed it was gone. I found that it had been gathered and was adorning the mansion up on the hill. Her life is today adorning God's mansion," concluded the speaker. Following the short services interment was made at Oakwood cemetery.

NC Death Certificate #417, Registration District #41-2279, Certificate #48, Mrs. Hazel Hiatt, DOD 3/20/1916 in High Point, Guilford County, NC
Usual residence: 119 Boulward, High Point, Guilford County, NC
Female, White, Married, DOB 7/30/1892 in Guilford County, NC
Occupation: Housework
Education: College
Father: J.H. Hedgecock, born in Guilford County, NC
Mother: Julia Lassiter, born in Suffolk County, VA
Informant: Joe Hiatt, Winston-Salem, NC
DOD 3/20/1916 at 1:30am
Cause o death: "Shock due to crushed pelvis, fract. Rt leg, L Femur, Rt Humorous, General Contusions Produced by R.R. Reck" duration 6 hrs
Buried: 3/22/1916 in High Point, NC

North Carolina, Death Indexes, 1908-2004
Name: Hazel Hiatt
Race: White
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 1893
Date of Death: 20 Mar 1916
Death County: Guilford
Death State: North Carolina
Source Vendor: NC State Archives. North Carolina Deaths, 1908-67

Hazel H. Hiatt
DOB 7/30/1892
DOD 3/20/1916
Inscription: Hazel H. Hiatt, wife of M.S. Hiatt, "She believes and sleeps in Jesus
Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, High Point, Guilford County, NC, USA, Plott: Oakwood Municipal
Created by Donna
Record added: 5/23/2007
Find A Grave Memorial #19501445

Mack Sanford Hiatt then married Huron Theresa Stewart on 6/27/1917 in Forsyth County, NC. She was born 10 /27/1892 in NC.

North Carolina, Marriage Index, 1741-2004
Name: Huron Theresa Stewart
Gender: Female
Birth Date: abt 1894
Age: 23
Race: White
Spouse: Mack Sanford T Hiatt
Spouse Gender: Male
Spouse Age: 27
Spouse Race: White
Marriage Date: 27 Jun 1917
Marriage County: Forsyth
Marriage State: North Carolina

North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011
Name: Mack Sanford Hiatt
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 27
Birth Year: abt 1890
Marriage Date: 27 Jun 1917
Marriage Place: Forsyth, North Carolina, USA
Father: A M Hiatt
Mother: S D Hiatt
Spouse: Huron Theresa Stewart
Spouse Gender: Female
Spouse Race: White
Spouse Age: 23
Spouse Father: John R Stewart
Spouse Mother: Ora Bell Stewart
Event Type: Marriage

1920 U.S. Census of 123 Steel St,High Point Ward 2, Guilford County, North Carolina; Roll: T625_1302; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 157; Image: 170, Lines 19-20, "Mack S. Hiatt"
Mack S. Hiatt, Head, Rent, M(ale), W(hite), 35 yrs old (DOB 1885), Married, Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Mail carrier
Huron Hiatt, Wife, F, W, 24 yrs old (DOB 1896), Married, Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Teacher of graded students

1930 U.S. Census of 203 William Drive, High Point, Guilford County, North Carolina; Roll: 1695; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 0049; Image: 627.0; FHL microfilm: 2341429, Family #14, Lines 49-50, "Mack Hiatt"
Mack S. Hiatt, Head, Owns home valued at $20,000, Owns radio set, M(ale), W(hite), 40 yrs old (DOB 1890), Married at age 27 yrs old, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, agent automobile, Can read and write
Huron Hiatt, Wife, F, W, 31 yrs old (DOB 1899), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write

1940 U.S. Census of 620 Arbor Rd, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina; Roll: T627_2909; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 34-46, Family #185, Lines 61-62, "Mac S. Hiatt" (sic, Mack S. Hiatt)
Mac S. Hiatt, M(ale), W(hite), 50 yrs old (DOB 1890), Married, Attended college 4 yrs, Born in NC, Lived in the same place in 1935, Salesman retail automobile dealer
Huron E. Hiatt, F, W, 38 yrs old (DOB 1892), Married, Attended college 2 yrs, Born in NC, Lived in the same place in 1935

Mack Hiatt died 5/29/1951 in Winston Salem City Memorial Hospital, Forsyth County, NC.

NC Death Certificate #13426, Registration District #34-95, Mack Sanford Hiatt, DOD 5/29/1951 in City Memorial Hospital, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC
Usual residence: 634 Arbor Rd, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC
Male, White, Married, DOB 2/2/1890 in NC, 61 yrs old
Owner and Operator of Automobile Agency
Father: Alfred Mack Hiatt, Mother: Glendoir Spurgeon (sic), Informant: Mrs. M.S. Hiatt, Winston-Salem, NC
Date of death: 5/29/1951 at 1:10am
Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage (duration 32 hrs) due to cardio vascular disease (duration 4-5 yrs)
Buried Kernersville Moravian, Forsyth County, NC, 5/30/1951

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Name: Mack Sanford Hiatt
SSN: 243-09-****
Birth Date: 2 Feb 1890
Birth Place: Davidson CO, North Carolina
Death Date: 29 May 1951
Claim Date: 12 Jun 1951
Type of Claim: Death Claim
Notes: 10 Dec 1976: Name listed as MACK SANFORD HIATT

North Carolina, Death Indexes, 1908-2004
Name: Mack S Hiatt
Race: White
Age: 61
Date of Birth: 1890
Date of Death: 29 May 1951
Death County: Forsyth
Death State: North Carolina
Source Vendor: NC State Archives. North Carolina Deaths, 1908-67

The Gastonia Gazette, Gastonia, Gaston County, NC, 5/30/1951, Pg 3, "Automobile Pioneer Passes At Winston"
Winston-Salem, May 30-Mack Sanford Hiatt, pioneer automobile dealer and president and owner of Hiatt's, Inc., here, died at 1:10 a.m. Tuesday at a local hospital. He had been in declining health for some time and seriously ill since Sunday.
Hiatt, 61, was former branch of the Winston-Salem branch of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association and recently was elected a member of the Dodge dealers advisory council of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The High Point, High Point, Guilford County, NC, 5/31/1951, Pg 2, "Mack S. Hiatt"
Winston-Salem, May 31-Funeral services for Mack Sanford Hiatt, 61, pioneer automobile dealer, were held at his home here, 634 Arbor Road, Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Reverends R. Gordon Spaugh, D.D. J.C. Hughes, E.A. Holton, and Clayton Persons officiated. Burial was in the Moravian Graveyard at Kernersville. Mr. Hiatt, president and owner of Hiatt's, died at 1:10 a.m. Tuesday in a local hospital. He became seriously ill last Sunday. He had been in the automobile business for 32 years, and a Dodge dealer since 1941. After connections with automobile agencies in High Point, Thomasville, Greensboro and Durham, he came to Winston-Salem in 1935. Born in Davidson County on Feb. 2, 1890, he was the son of the late Alfred Mack and Glendoir Spurgeon Hiatt. He was a nephew of Dr. J. Sandford Spurgeon, late of Hillsboro. He received his education at Trinity College. Mr. Hiatt was a mamber of Home Moravian Church, Forsyth Country Club and the Masonic Order; he was former president of the Winston-Salem branch of the N.C. Automobile Dealers Association and was recently elected a member of the Dodge Dealers Advisory Council of the Carolinas and Virginia. He was twice married: the first time to the late Hazel Hedgecock Hiatt; his second marriage, in 1927, was to Miss Huron Stuart. Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Huron S. Hiatt; two sisters, Mrs. W.T. Anderson of High Point and Mrs. Robert J. Murphy of Thomasville; two brothers, J.William Hiatt of Thomasville and Dr. Joseph S. Hiatt of Elkin; and a niece, Elizabeth Stuart Hedgecock of Kernersville.

Mack Sanford Hiatt
DOB 2/2/1890
DOD 5/29/1951
Parents: A. Mack and Glendore Spurgeon Hiatt
Burial: Kernersville Moravian God's Acre, Kernersville, Forsyth County, NC, USA
Created by: Ann Ono Mouse
Record added: May 26, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial #52887260

NC Death Certificate #21537, Registration District #34-95, Local #1030, Huron Stuart Hiatt, DOD 6/1/1973 in Forsyth Memorial Hospital, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC
Usual residence: 2920 Club Park Rd, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC
Female, White, Widowed, DOB 10/27/1891 in NC, 81 yrs old
Occupation: Housewife
Father: John Robert Stuart, Mother: Arabelle Hendrix, Informant: Mrs. Elizabeth Sparks, 225 S. Main St, Kernersville, NC, Niece
DOD 6/1/1973 at 3:10pm
Cause of death: acute pulmonary edema due to myocardial infarction, other significant condition was hypertension
Buried: 6/3/1973 in Kernersville Moravian Graveyard, Forsyth County, NC

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Huron Hiatt
SSN: 239-38-****
Last Residence:
27104 Winston Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina, USA
BORN: 27 Oct 1892
Died: Jun 1973
State (Year) SSN issued: North Carolina (Before 1951)

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