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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Musgrove Mill State Park Patriot's In Petticoats Special Event

Our NSDAR Kate Barry Chapter met at Musgrove Mill State Park this month during their Patriot's In Petticoats special event. We brought our own picnics and had our October meeting. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, cool enough to feel like Fall. They have a picnic pavilion with restrooms and we had it all to ourselves. The visitor's center is built to resemble the plantation home of Edward Musgrove and the ruins of the original home is right in front of it. Inside they have some displays and a topical map of the Battle of Musgrove Mill that occurred on 8/19/1780 when the British and Loyalists outnumbered the Patriots two-to-one but we won and routed them!

Here is the Google map of the area.

Stan, Dad and I took the hike from the Visitor's Center to the Enoree River where the bridge and mill used to be and it loops back up the hill to the pond and ended at the picnic pavilion. Stan and I had been at Musgrove Mill 8 years ago and were looking forward to seeing it again as it's a beautiful area.

Stan and I got up early because I haven't been feeling well and had not put the picnic together yesterday. I had wanted to do a picnic using period food. But I just didn't feel well enough. So Stan and I hit the Fresh Market as soon as they opened. We got deli ham, provolone cheese, rye bread, spiced mayo, stuffed pickled peppers, chips and white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. I got some hard cider and bottled soft drinks for our drinks. Then we picked up some biscuits and pumpkin spice coffee on the way to pick up Dad. Mom's back was hurting so she didn't feel like making the drive and trying to walk. So it was the three of us.

When we got there I waited in the parking lot for the rest of my ladies in the DAR so I could direct them to the picnic pavilion. Once they all got there, we split up and did the visitor's center and then the three of us took the hike to the river and looped back up to the picnic pavilion.

After our ritual and short meeting, we broke out the picnic. It was so pleasant. After lunch, we drove home via SC 56 (on the way, we had gone via I26) and took Dad back home. Very nice, relaxing day. If I hadn't been in so much pain, it would have been a perfect day. As it was, we still made memories!


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