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Sunday, September 04, 2016

A Shopping Trip To Charlotte, NC

This weekend our friends came over to stay the weekend and we took Saturday for a shopping trip to Gastonia, NC and Charlotte, NC. We love thrift stores, yard sales, antique malls, etc. We all love getting a bargain and we can hunt them like a bloodhound. LOL! We stopped at Bojangles and picked up breakfast biscuits and stopped at a QT (Quick Trip) convenience store for coffee. I'm hooked on QT coffee. Then it was to Gastonia where we stopped at B and B Antique Mall. It was neat, clean, well displayed and the prices were great. The staff were very helpful. I ended up purchasing a bunch of stuff. I bought 6 pieces of vintage Pyrex and a small carnival glass dish and a pair of cotton mill spindles that had been turned into wall sconces.

Here are photos of other things that interested me. This cute little hand knitted poodle fits right over a can of hair spray!

This tiny metal kitchen set had so many details.

Someone had used a lot of imagination and did a wonderful job using scrap glass pieces!

Here's a great way to use old keys.

This little doll wardrobe was handmade by someone who loved a little girl. I placed my 24 oz coffee cup next to it so you could measure it's size.

This little doll high chair was so cute!

We stopped at a couple of thrift stores in Gastonia but then headed into Charlotte for lunch. Then it was on to the Assistant League Thrift Store, one of my favorites. It's very neat, clean and well run. The prices are good so whenever we are in Charlotte we like to make a stop. I bought a foot massager for $5, two baskets for .50 cents each, another basket for $12 and a lap desk for $2 and a book for $1.25.

We stopped at the QT for a refreshment and then stopped at another thrift store where I found an hilarious chair.

We finished at a huge antique mall that we also make a point to visit whenever we are in Charlotte, the Sleepy Poet on South Boulevard.

 Beautiful amethyst purple glass bottles.

A unique way to use old license plates. They were also used to made a pendant light.

Again, my husband was interested in all the different ways people repurpose old stuff to make light fixtures and lamps. So I took these photos for him.

A lamp made from a cam shaft.

Someone made a clock out of this old oil can.

Stan and Randall were getting ideas!

This basket carried two pies.

I like this repurpose of an old shutter and I would like to have one like it.

We had a great day together. We enjoyed a sunny day that was cooler and low humidity so it was perfect weather for our day trip.

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