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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shopping Last Saturday

My husband took me on a shopping day trip. We went to the mountains. We stopped first in Landrum at the foothills where we went to the local farmer's market. We made a stop at the Hospice Thrift Barn.

Then we headed up to Fletcher, just past Hendersonville. We shopped at Lulu's Consignment Shop, the Goodwill and in Arden, we went to Serendipity Consignment and Salvation Army Thrift Store. We had a delicious lunch at Iannucci's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant. I had a wonderful creamy spinach lasagna and salad.

Then we went on into Asheville and we shopped at the Tobacco Barn Antique Mall on Swannanoa River Road. We bought a few things there. So many interesting things!!

This is a gorgeous cobalt blue planter. I love the draping.

I found a lot of pyrex in this antique mall. I bought this particular bowl.

I love this old porcelain kitchen sink with double drain boards. Those sinks used to be $20 at junk stores back in the 1980's and now this one is $1,800!

Lot's of unusual light fixtures made from old things. Stan and I got really interested in these ideas so I took a lot of photos for ideas!

I do love mid century and Danish modern wooden furniture. I love their velvety texture and the clean lines.

We bought this crockery jug. I found it's dark red color unusual.

It was so sad to see this old gravestone being sold. Of course, it could have been one that was replaced with a newer one due to it being in such poor shape. I just hope it was not removed without a replacement!

Old industrial castors turned into candleholders. Also a scale turned into a lamp.

This unique idea used old pieces, including extension cords to make a pendant candleholder!

A 1948 television

More Pyrex

I loved all the drawers in this beautiful piece!

This old ceramic ceiling light fixture fascinated Stan.

These humongous machines are old movie theater projectors. There were two of them. This one was the largest one.

These were the heaters of an old movie theater.

This old portable radio also fascinated Stan. It had old vacuum tubes. The U-shaped antennae and old earphones were still there. It had an old canvas strap so it could "be taken anywhere". What a difference between that technology and today's!

Some Longaberger baskets that I would have loved to have had.

This looks like some type of torture device but was a doctor's table.

Someone had made this into a wood stove!

We had such a good time together and he was in a good mood. Anywhere I wanted to stop, he stopped and enjoyed with me. These days make memories! I suffered a lot of pain from my legs, feet and lower back from all the walking, even though it was meandering walk. But it was worth it to enjoy the day with him. We next went to Regeneration Station Thrift Store on Glendalyn Ave. It was more antique mall than thrift store but they had some interesting things too.

I have no idea what this machine was. It had a place for old vacuum tubes and had lots of dials on the front. Stan said it was probably a speaker?

I loved the sweeping, graceful lines of this wooden settee. Would be a beautiful porch loveseat.

Such a modern radio and eight track player! LOL!

A hub cap clock

Beautiful dish sets!

Polka dots are fun!

Adding machines were the first calculators.

I loved this basket. It had a good stamp on the bottom.

A beautiful Art Deco wooden screen.

This vintage 1960's bistro set with original vinyl was period perfect.

Huge film reels, large as a table top.

A plastic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

A wooden toy crane

Old tin roofing

We also went to Oddfellows and Bryant's Antique Malls on Swannanoa River Rd. Then it was time to start home. I was truly exhausted but it was a good day.

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