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Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day Is Coming Up

20 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

  1. Take a moonlit walk (somewhere safe)
  2. If you like games, treat yourself to a game night.  Cards, board games, charades, whatever you enjoy.
  3. If you both enjoy cooking, make your meal together. Someone can make the salad and salad dressing while the other grills the steaks. Or you can bake together, making some goodies. Or how about doing a fondue with a nice wine.
  4. Have a picnic. Even if it's not good outside, have your picnic indoors. Take it to your spouse at work for lunch or have it on the living room floor at the coffee table. If the weather is nice, take it outside and enjoy. You want it to be easy and fun.
  5. Dancing together. You can go out dancing but you can also play music at home and light some candles and dance the night away. I prefer it this way as it's not so loud and noisy.
  6. If you like sports, do something together. Whether it's taking a run together, playing a tennis game, go bowling, work out together (and I mean really together). Don't just go to the gym and separate until you meet back in the lobby. Workout together. There are exercises and routines you can assist each other with, swim in the pool together, walk on side-by-side treadmills, etc. Or maybe watch a favorite sport on TV. Make some popcorn and tea and root for your team together.
  7. Are there places in your locale that you've always wanted to visit but haven't taken the time to? Maybe you could take this time to finally go together. Visit that museum, that art gallery, that historical place, The most romantic thing is to do what you wouldn't normally be interested in just because it's of interest to your significant other. You may hate sports but your husband is a basketball fan. So watch a game with him. He may hate art museums but would visit one with you because you want to go. And be a willing partner. Don't go and make the visit miserable by complaining, mocking, etc. The whole point is to make it enjoyable whether it's something you would normally like or not. You are doing it for the other person!
  8. If one of you is a musician, how about playing some love songs.
  9. Write a love message on their car windshield.
  10. Do you know something that your loved one particularly loves? Maybe their favorite coffee? Give them a gift card to their favorite coffee cafe or convenience store. For instance I love QT convenience store coffee. So my hubby could get me a gift card and one of their refillable mugs! Or maybe your loved prefers hot tea and you could purchase some special gourmet teas and put in a basket. Maybe they love coconut cake and you could bake one or purchase one for them. If they like ice cream, how about making banana splits before watching a movie?
  11. Mail a love letter or card (via snail mail) to their work address so they will get it on Valentine's Day. Just a note to tell them you love them. If you are good at poetry, here's your chance! If not, look up a love poem and put it in the letter.
  12. Make a special breakfast. Most of us hit the road without a full breakfast, but if you get up early, you could make your loved one their favorite breakfast. Make a heart shape pancake, eggs and bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy (make those biscuits in a heart shape), etc. Set the table, sprinkle some rose petals on the plate and serve.
  13. Start a back and forth journal for sharing love notes, hopes, dreams, memories for just the two of you. To make it more fun, hide it around your house for your love to find.
  14. Can you sneak their car off and have it cleaned? Maybe change the oil too? Then bring it back to them as a surprise.
  15. Make up your own gift basket. Tie a bow on the handle and place some gifts that are just right for your loved one. How about some bath salts, pretty soap, body lotion and some soothing music. Or some chocolate candy, hot chocolate mixes, chocolate wine for that chocolate lover. Or a couple of movie DVDs, popcorn and comfy slippers. There are so many ways to make up a gift basket based on your loved one's interests.
  16. Do a chore that your loved one particularly hates. Do it just for them. Does your wife hate to clean the bathrooms? Do it for her and do it to her specifications. Don't just do a couple of swipes around the sink and think that's it. Do it right. Pay attention and do it correctly. If you have to ask her HOW to do it, listen to her and do it without grumbling and complaining. If you husband hates to clean the garage, try to do it for him. And do it just the way he wants it. You are doing it as a gift to the other person.
  17. Do you have an interest that you share? How about taking a class in it together? A dance class, art class, cooking class, genealogy workshop, etc
  18. Make some Valentine's Day cupcakes, cookies or muffins for your special someone.
  19. Make a fruit basket for your loved one.
  20. Pick up your loved one's favorite magazines. Go out and buy them their favorite magazines whether it be hunting and gun magazines or home decor or soap opera or fashion magazines.

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