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Monday, July 25, 2016

Using Vintage Kitchen Sinks

When we built our first house, we re-used, recycled and re-purposed a lot of things to save money. One thing I did was buy an old porcelain kitchen sink from a junk barn for $20. My vintage kitchen sink had double sinks and double drainboards. I wanted to use it in the worst way! But our cabinet maker said it was too hard to build cabinets around it and it would be easier, therefore cheaper, to used a new sink. I never got to use my buy and I think it still sits at the barn.

My antique kitchen sink is like the one above.

Lately I've seen some charming kitchens using the old sinks. I'm glad to see them being used.

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Unknown said...

Today I search the various kinds of kitchen sinks for using my home. Then I see this post, and I really astonished that some old things that seemed so good I did not know before. I think it's helpful role to save more cost. Here the pictures do not like to see too old. A small amount gives us a little bit better Kitchen sink. Thank you so much for the valuable post.

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