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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hiding Places

Everyone is always intrigued with the thought of hiding little treasures to protect them. And everyone knows that hiding something under the mattress or a key under the mat are the worst "hiding places" since everyone knows about them. There are many more ways to hide small and large valuables. They may not pass the scrutiny of professionals who know how to turn a room (such as law enforcement) but they may protect you from burglars who are in a hurry.

Secret hiding places can be discreet, hiding in plain sight. Hidey holes that are easily accessible but completely hidden. Anyone can hide things in a tin can buried somewhere in the yard. But that's not very convenient or accessible. The most accessible would, of course, be in your home.

Human beings can be very imaginative and I found a lot of ideas by doing a Google search. I take no credit for these good ideas. I'm not that smart. I thought I would share my findings with you. Unfortunately, I don't have anything of such value (and certainly not enough cash) to hide. But it's always intriguing. Most of these are pretty simple, easy. Some require some work.

Now, just don't hide things and forget where you hid them. You want to make sure someone doesn't accidentally throw away your valuables too. Or if you die, no one knows and throws your valuables away.

1 comment:

rhonda gayle said...

Some neat ideas!

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