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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve at Stan's mother's home. Peggy has hosted Christmas Eve for the family all our 38 years of marriage. Her home is getting a little small for all the family. We're outgrowing it! LOL!

Great Uncle Stan with our grandnephew, Will.

My sister, Elaine, is talking to her daughter, Jenny, in California. Jenny, Kyle and their 3 children are an Air Force family and he's stationed in California. We miss them so much but whenever we all get together, we facetime, Skype or call via cellphone.

Kenny and his middle son, Aaron.

Kenny and Anna's eldest son, Evans, and their youngest son, Logan.

Our grandniece, Savannah, took these photos. Here I am from her viewpoint using my camera.

Stan's youngest sister, Angie.

Evans' wife, Chelsea.


Hannah, Luke's wife and mother of Savannah and Will.

Luke, Hannah and Will

Kenny holding his grandson, Cash.

Peggy is talking to Jenny, her granddaughter. Great Aunt Kathi with her grandniece, Savannah.

Anna with her grandson, Cash.

Stan with another grandniece, Reagan.

Stan talking to Jenny on the cell phone.

Anna and Cash

Will, Cash and Savannah as they open their gifts.

Kenny, Anna and Savannah opening gifts.

Chelsea helping her son, Cash, open gifts.

Reagan opening her gifts

Kenny and his youngest son, Logan.

Savannah loves having her picture taken. She loves to make faces too. So I bribed her. I told her if she would let me take a sweet picture, then I would take a picture of one of her faces. That way I got both!

Ronnie and his sister, Kathi, and her husband, Eddie.

Logan, Dustin, Katie, Chelsea and Reagan.

Christmas brunch with my family at Elaine and Ronnie's home. It was warm enough we were able to enjoy sitting on the screened in porch.

Mom holding one of Elaine's dogs.

Our nephew, Lee. Melinda and Mike's son.

Elaine holding one of her dogs.


Elaine's husband, Ronnie.

My youngest sister, Melinda.

Melinda playing with Elaine's hair.

My Daddy

Facetiming with our niece, Jenny, and her family in California.

Hannah, Luke's wife, mother of Savannah and Will.

Mom and her younger brother, Uncle Glenn.

Melinda's husband, Mike. Lee's father.

Luke and Hannah's daughter, Savannah. Elaine and Ronnie's granddaughter, our grandniece.

Uncle Glenn's wife, Aunt Janis.

Luke and Hannah's son, Will. Elaine and Ronnie's grandson, our grandnephew.

Our nephew, Luke. Elaine and Ronnie's son.

Ronnie and Elaine's dog, Trouble. A beautiful cream Pomeranian.

Here are the digital scrapbook pages I made of our Christmas this year.

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