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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Brett Lost His First Tooth

Our grandnephew, Brett, lost his first tooth this week. I documented this event on this digital scrapbook page.

A Different Advent Calendar

A different way to do an Advent Calendar. Print these, cut them into strips and place one for each day of December in your Advent Calendar. Then do these Random Acts of Kindness as suggested each day. For children, make it a game and then at the end give them a prize.

1. Give a compliment

2. Tape change to a vending machine

3. Send a Thank You card to a soldier. A Million Thanks, 17853 Santiago Blvd., #107-355, Villa Park, CA 92861

4. Take a coffee to your teachers

5. Pick up litter

6. Donate books. You can donate it to your library, leave it in a waiting room with a sticky note that says "Free", give it to a hospital or jail, donate it to charity.

7. Leave a happy note for someone

8. Donate a toy to charity

9. Leave a candy cane in the mailbox with a note “For you”

10. Call some family that lives faraway

11. Do a chore for someone without complaint

12. Each of you donate a canned good to a food pantry

13. Smile at everyone you meet today

14. Feed the birds

15. Mail a Thank You card to your Fire Department and/or Police Department

16. Put a sticky note with an encouraging message on a public restroom mirror

17. Give a dog treat to a neighbor’s dog

18. Help bring in the grocery bags

19. Use Windex and clean your loved one's windshield

20. Tell your family 3 things you are thankful for

21. Take your dishes to the sink

22. Give a neighbor a Christmas ornament (handmade or bought)

23. Write a letter to send to an elderly family member

24. Share with your siblings today: kind words, coffee, dessert, a joke, an encouraging text, etc.

25. You did 25 Random Acts of Kindness this month! Jesus loves you whether you did these random acts of kindness or not. But doing these things shows your love for Him. Today we celebrate Jesus’ birth and you have given Him 25 gifts throughout this month.

For my post on Christmas Advent Calendar ideas.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Mystery Monday - Charles Lee Freeman

Mystery Monday is a daily blogging prompt from Geneabloggers.com used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites. Mystery Monday is where you can post about mystery ancestors or mystery records – anything in your genealogy and family history research which is currently unsolved.

Charles Lee Freeman was born 8/12/1918 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC to Felix Moten Freeman and Tabitha Freeman Connor Freeman. Felix Moten Freeman was born 1/16/1818 in Cathey's Creek, Rutherford County, NC and died 12/5/1888 in Gerton, Henderson County, NC. Tabitha Freeman Connor was born 10/2/1849 in North Carolina to Bushrod and Massa/Massy Conner. Bushrod Conner is my fifth great granduncle which is pretty distant. Charles Lee Freeman was their firstborn of four sons.

1) Charles Lee Freeman
2) Robert Ransom Freeman (DOB 3/11/1884 in Henderson County, NC; DOD 9/29/1945 in McDowell County, NC) married Addie Elzadie Lizzie Padgett.
3) Thomas Hendrick Freeman (DOB 3/17/1885 in Henderson County, NC; 5/3/1910 in Henderson County, NC)
4) Plenny Jay Freeman, Sr. (DOB 1/18/1887 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 12/1/1930 in Rutherford County, NC) married Betha Naomia Maude Connor (daughter of William "Will" Mitchell Conner and Sarah Alza Leah Wilson).

About 1904, C. L. Freeman married Adeline Leah Huntley. Adeline Leah Huntley was born 4/14/1887 in Middle Fork, Henderson County, NC to Flavius Josephus Huntley and Martha Elizabeth Jane Connor. Adeline was my 2nd cousin 4 times removed (a distant relation).

Charles Lee Freeman and Adeline Leah Huntley had seven children:

1) Jessie Lee Freeman (DOB 7/19/1905 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 4/20/1991 in Gerton, Henderson County, NC) married Malone Luther Sinclair.

2) Nora Myrtle Freeman (DOB 5/12/1907 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 10/28/1995 in Henderson County, NC) married Clan Herman Searcy.

3) Boyce Thomas Freeman (DOB 8/31/1908 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 3/17/2002 in Shelby, Cleveland County, NC) married Maude Estelle Hall.

4) Catherine Elizabeth Freeman (DOB 12/28/1911 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 2/29/1980 in Rutherford County, NC) married Oscar Tolly McCurry.

5) Aileen Estelle Freeman (DOB 7/17/1913 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 6/20/1985 in Henderson County, NC) married Clan Otis Lytle.

6) Charles "Charlie" Clan Freeman (DOB 5/13/1916 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 5/26/1976 in Monette, Craighead County, AR) married Edna Mae Richardson.

7) Charlotte Peggy Freeman (DOB 5/13/1916 in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC; DOD 2/14/1998 in Canton, Akron County, OH) married Claude Calvin Reed.

1910 U.S. Census of  Edneyville, Henderson County, North Carolina; Roll: T624_1115; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 0074; FHL microfilm: 1375128, Family 38, Lines 1-6, "Charley L. Freeman"
Charley L. Freeman, Head, M(ale), W(hite), 28 yrs old (DOB 1882), 1st marriage, Married 6 yrs (DOM 1904), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Farmer, Can read and write, Rented farm
Leah Freeman, Wife, F, W, 22 yrs old (DOB 1888), 1st marriage, Married 6 yrs, 3 children with 3 still living, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write
Jessie Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 4 yrs old (DOB 1906), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Nora Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 3 yrs old (DOB 1907), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Boyce Freeman, Son, M, W, 1 yr 6/12 mos old (DOB 1909), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Fadentia Freeman (sic), Mother, F, W, 60 yrs old (DOB 1850), Widowed, 5 children with 5 still living, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write
Adaline Conner, Head, F, W, 70 yrs old (DOB 1840), Widowed, 6 children with 6 still living, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Can read and write

Poor Charles L. Freeman didn't make it to the 1920 U.S. Census. He died on 1/11/1918 in the State Hospital in Morganton, Burke County, NC at the young age of 35 years old.

NC Death Certificate #273, Registration District #12-5147, Certificate #13, Charles Lee Freeman, DOD 1/11/1918 in State Hospital, Morganton, Burke County, NC
Length of residence in hospital 2 yrs, 1 mos, 25 days (11/17/1915), formerly lived in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC
Male, White, Married, DOB "Not obtainable" in Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC, 37 yrs old (DOB 1881)
Occupation: Farmer and convict guard (Public roads)
Father: "Not obtainable"
Mother: "Not obtainable"
Informant: State hospital records, Morganton, NC
DOD 1/11/1918 at 8:30am
Cause of death: "Exhaustion of Dementia" (duration 2 yrs) *
Contributory: Diarrhea ("uremial" illegible)
Signed: F.B. Watkins, 6/11/1918, Morganton, NC
Buried: (blank)
Undertaker: Kinksey and Co,, Morganton, NC

* Dementia praecox was a term coined by Emil Kraepelin in the late 19th century and used to describe a set of symptoms and behaviors which would later be reclassified as schizophrenia. Dementia praecox usually presented itself between the late teenage years and early adulthood and those diagnosed with the condition faced a rapid and progressive deterioration of emotional and cognitive abilities.  There were many symptoms associated with dementia praecox, and a fairly detailed list can be found here.  Jesse Johnson may have experienced any combination of those symptoms, which included poor impulse control, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, catatonia, and antisocial behavior.

From the Report of the Board of Directors and Superintendents of the State Hospitals For The Insane in Raleigh, Morganton and Goldsboro, NC for the Two Years Ending November 30, 1918, Showing the Number of Admissions and Discharges (including cures, improved, unimproved and deaths) the state hospital in Raleigh had 689 men and 761 women for a total of 1,450 patients treated during these two years. Of these 117 men died, 71 women died in those years. Charles L. Freeman would have been one of those men.

Of those here are some of the statistics that would include something like what Charles Lee Freeman had:
Dementia Praecox..........40 men, 26 women for a total of 70

The cause for insanity ranged from "Fright" to "Religion" but the largest category of cause was listed as "Unknown".

Occupations of those admitted to the insane asylum included fisherman, teacher, Civil Engineer, Editors, etc. For admitted females, the largest category was, "Housewife" and "Domestic". There were 3 female "Teachers and 32 females with no occupation. For admitted males, the largest category was "Farmer" with the next being a tie between "Laborer" and no occupation.

Under marital status, more women were married when they were committed but for men, more single men were committed.

Showing the Cause of Death of Those Who Died During the Past Two Years:
Exhaustion from senile dementia........ 18 men, 9 women, total 27
Exhaustion from depressive insanity...... 5 men, 0 women, total 5
Exhaustion from dementia praecox..... 7 men, 3 women, total 10
Pellagra........ 11 men, 18 women, total 29

Showing the Form of Insanity of Those Who Died During the Past Two Years:
Manic depressive insanity...................... 11 men, 13 women, total 24
Involutional melancholia.................. 1 man, 1 woman, total 2
Senile dementia.................. 25 men, 16 women, total 41
Epilepsy.......................... 33 men, 16 women, total 49
Dementia Praecox................. 20 men, 10 women, total 30
Psychosis following pellagra............. 10 men, 11 women, total 21

And, believe it or not, only 1 male and 0 females from Henderson County, NC were admitted in those two years. I guess that was Charles Freeman.

I include these statistics just to show that the cause of death on his death certificate was a generally accepted term even though I had never heard of it. Freeman had a diagnosis but was it caused by something physical or did something environmentally cause him to have a breakdown? Did his body somehow short circuit as in chemical or hormonal imbalances or some mental or phsyical disease that affected him. Or did something happen in his life that he couldn't cope with and it sent him into a breakdown?

He was buried at the Conner Cemetery, Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC.
Charles Lee Freeman
Birth: Aug. 12, 1882
Death: Jan. 11, 1918
Family links: Parents: Felix Moten Freeman (1838 - 1888)
Spouse: Leah Huntley Marlowe (1887 - 1961)
Children: Catherine Elizabeth Freeman McCurry (1911 - 1980)
Sibling: Plenty Jay Freeman (1887 - 1930)
Burial: Conner Cemetery. Bat Cave, Henderson County, North Carolina, USA
Created by: Rebecca
Record added: May 19, 2003
Find A Grave Memorial# 7461570

Obituary of Charles Freeman, French Broad Hustler, 1/17/1918, Image 2, "Bat Cave"
Bat Cave
Charles Freeman Dies at Morganton; Measles in State Camp; Farmers Optimistic over Snows; Social Activities and Visits
Bat Cave.-Charles Freeman, who has been an inmate in the Morganton hospital for several months, died in that institution on Friday. He was born and reared in this section and was always well thought of by his fellow associates. His mother, Mrs. Tibatha Williams, a sister, Mrs. J. Huntley, an two brothers, P.J. Freeman and R.R. Freeman survive him. He was the oldest child in the family. Several years ago, Mr. Freeman married Miss Leah Huntly, daughter of C. Huntly, who with seven children are left to mourn his loss. His body was brought here for burial, and interment was made in the family cemetery on Monday. A large gathering of relatives and friends followed the body to its final resting place. The sympathy of the community goes out to the grief stricken family.

The Mystery
According to his death certificate, he had been living at the hospital for 2 yrs, 1 mos, 25 days which would have put him entering the State Hospital for the Insane on 11/17/1915. Their last two children (twins) were born 5/13/1916, so this is possible. She could have been pregnant when he was committed. But his obituary indicates that he had only been there a few months. Which is it?

And, why was he committed to the State Hospital for the Insane at the young age of 33-35 years old?

He lost a brother in 1910 at the young age of 25 years old. Thomas Hendrick Freeman was married 3 years and had two children when he died on 5/3/1910 in McDowell County, NC where he was a farmer. Charles Freeman would have been 28 years old. Charles was the eldest and Thomas was the 3rd of 4 sons. According to Findagrave.com, Thomas was killed while crossing a fence and his gun discharged killing him. Could this have affected Charles Freeman and started a downward slide?

I thought I might find something in the local newspaper. On his death certificate, he was a "farmer and convict guard road crew". That would have been a guard on the chain gang road crew. I know from following newspaper stories on another distant relative in the same area, that all kinds of stories were in the local newspaper. Even when the sheriff's deputy escorted an insane person to the state hospital, it was often in the newspaper. So were any stories about the chain gangs. But I found nothing in the newspapers to indicate what happened to Charles Freeman other than his obituary. Did something happen while he was a guard that would explain why he was in the State Hospital (later, in 1959, it was changed to Broughton Hospital in honor of Governor J. Melville Broughton)? Was there an escape or an uprising against the guards? Was he attacked by prisoners? Or did it have anything to do with his job?

Maybe it had something to do with the big flood that happened in the summer of 1916, although that's later than his death certificate indicates.

The Flood of 1916 was the worst natural disaster in the history of Henderson County. Rain began July 3, 1916, and it rained for 10 days straight. Ten inches fells on July 15 alone in less than 12 hours due to early hurricanes. The French Broad River reached an estimated 21 feet, some 17 feet above flood stage. The Catawba River flooded also. In some locations along its path in North Carolina, the Catawba rose almost 23 feet beyond previous high-water marks.

On July 16, almost every dam in Western NC burst. The town of Hendersonville was an island surrounded by water on all sides. People in town had no way in or out.

The blowing of the whistles at the textile mills, the ringing of the fire bells in Hendersonville, the ringing of church bells throughout the county, awakened those people who were not already awakened by the landslides and noise of rushing water.

There were more than 300 mud slides.

From a Charlotte newspaper: “Highway 74 (Charlotte Highway) had just been completed. The road and all its bridges were totally washed away, as were the Gerton, Bearwallow, Bat Cave and Chimney Rock Post Offices. Middle Fork, between Gerton and Bat Cave, was one of the areas most affected by the flood. The sides of the mountains gave way; one farmer could only stand by and watch as the mountain collapsed and swept away his house. The farmer’s wife and all his children were killed. At least two who died in the flood are buried in Middle Fork Cemetery. Many other bodies were never found, and many people who lost everything could not afford to mark their loved ones’ graves.”

Eight people from Bat Cave died in the flood and Bat Cave was where Charles and Adaline Freeman lived. If his death certificate is incorrect as to how long he lived at the State Hospital, and it was more like 1 1/2 yrs, then the flood could have been a reason. And being in law, he might have been a first responder and seen things he could never forget?

Then there was WWI. I did not find any draft registration card for Charles L. Freeman. If he was healthy, he should have registered in 1917-1918 but I didn't find it. That might backup the death certificate's length of stay in the hospital as beginning before America entered the War.

Also the Spanish Flu pandemic began in the military due to the drafting of service men for World War I. The first outbreak in the military was in 1917 but it was late 1917 and into 1918 that it rolled through the civilian population.

His wife and all seven of their children survived to adulthood so I don't think an epidemic caused his commitment.

Could it have been something like Pellagra? Pellagra was a vitamin deficiency that could cause insanity in it's latter stages and it was prevalent in this time period. The cause wasn't found until the 1930's. Syphilis could also cause insanity in it's latter stage. But, doctors did know how to diagnose syphilis and pellagra. Many death certificates in this time period would have those for causes of death. So if it was some disease that caused his problems, wouldn't they have put that?

I guess the reason why I'm looking for a reason is that he was able to work and had a family at least until late 1915 or early 1916. Then something happens and he dies in the State Hospital of "exhaustion of dementia". Did something cause a mental breakdown or was it something organic that just didn't manifest until his 30's?

Will I ever know?

If you have any further information, corrections or suggestions, please contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, Leah Huntley Freeman raised her children.

1920 U.S. Census of Edneyville, Henderson County, North Carolina; Roll: T625_1305; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 89; Image: 99, Family 23, Lines 10-17, "Leah A. Freeman", She is living beside Plenny J. Freeman (her brother-in-law)
Leah A. Freeman, Head, Owns farm, F(emale), W(hite), 32 yrs old (DOB 1888), Widowed, Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Farmer
Jessie L. Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 14 yrs old (DOB 1906), Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Nora Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 12 yrs old (DOB 1908), Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Boyce Freeman, Son, M, W, 11 yrs old (DOB 1909), Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Cathrine Freeman (sic), Daughter, F, W, 9 yrs old (DOB 1911), Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Allien Freeman (sic), Daughter, F, W, 6 yrs old (DOB 1914), Attends school, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Charles L. Freeman, Son, M, W, 3 yrs 7/12 mos old (DOB 1916), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Charlotte Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 3 yrs 7/12 mos old (DOB 1916), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC

1930 U.S. Census of Edneyville, Henderson County, North Carolina; Roll: 1698; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 0005; Image: 974.0; FHL microfilm: 2341432, Family #104, Lines 1-7, "Leah Freeman"
Leah Freeman, Head, Owned farm, F(emale), W(hite), 42 yrs old (DOB 1888), Widowed, Married at age 17 yrs old (DOM 1905), Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Boyce Freeman, Son, M, W, 21 yrs old (DOB 1909), Single, Married at age 21 yrs old (DOM 1930), Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Truck driver for lumber plant
Estelle Freeman, Daughter-in-law, F, W, 18 yrs old (DOB 1912), Married at age 18 yrs old, Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Catherine Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 19 yrs old (DOB 1911), Single, Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Aileen Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 16 yrs old (DOB 1914), Single, Can read and write, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Charlotte Freeman, Daughter, F, W, 13 yrs old (DOB 1917), Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC
Charley Freeman, Son, M, W, 13 yrs old (DOB 1917), Single, Born in NC, Both parents born in NC

She remarried to Loyal Judson Marlowe (DOB 9/9/1885 in Buncombe County, NC; DOD 10/29/1962 in Henderson County, NC). She died at the age of 74 years old.

NC Death Certificate #17032, Registration District #45-70, Registrar's certificate #82, Leah Huntley Marlowe, DOD 6/7/1961 in Marg. Pardee Hospital, Hendersonville, Henderson County, NC
Usual residence: Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC
Female, White, Married to Lowell Judson Marlowe, DOB 4/14/1887 in Henderson County, NC, 74 yrs old
Occupation: Housewife
Father: Rev. F. Josephus Huntley, Mother: Elizabeth Connor (sic), Informant: Boyce T. Freeman, Shelby, NC
DOD 6/7/1961 at 4:30am
Cause of death: Ventricular fibrillation due to arteriosclerotic heart disease due to artheriosclerosis
Buried: 6/9/1961 in Middle Fork, Middle Fork Baptist Church Cemetery (Huntley Cemetery), Red Turn Lane, Bat Cave, Henderson, NC.

Adaline Leah Huntley Freeman Marlowe
Birth: Apr. 14, 1887, Henderson County, North Carolina, USA
Death: Jul. 7, 1961, Henderson County, North Carolina, USA
Family links:
Flavius Josephus Huntley (1862 - 1933)
Elizabeth Jane Connor Huntley (1861 - 1952)
Charlie Lee Freeman (1882 - 1918)
Loyal Judson Marlowe (1885 - 1962)
Children: Catherine Elizabeth Freeman McCurry (1911 - 1980)
Edith Huntley Parker (1885 - 1948)
Hattie Lillie Huntley Connor (1889 - 1986)
John Bunyon Huntley (1892 - 1920)
Essie Huntley Reed (1894 - 1980)
Linerd Huntley (1898 - 1898)
Willerd Huntley (1898 - 1898)
William Elisha Huntley (1901 - 1964)
Burial: Middle Fork Cemetery, Hendersonville, Henderson County, North Carolina, USA
Created by: Ronald Halford
Record added: Jun 22, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 53982985

September In California

Our niece, Jenny, and her family live in California. She and Kyle have three children and she was trying to take a Selfie of all of them with her to send to us. I created this digital scrapbook page of that Selfie.

Old Daddy and Will

My Dad has three great grandchildren and they call him "Old Daddy". Brett came up with that name. My sister took these photos of my Dad holding Will and rocking him in my Maternal Grandmother's rocking chair (she had it to rock my Mother in when she was a baby). They both fell asleep and took a little nap. This is the digital scrapbook page I made with those photos.

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