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Sunday, October 04, 2015

SC Floods

We've needed rain awhile but we got rain for over a week which ended up in some flooding. We had a low pressure that sat in our area for a week. So it was cloudy and drizzly for days. Then Hurricane Joaquin went up the Atlantic and drew heavy rains on already saturated SC. So, since Thursday night, we've had a lot of rain. Thankfully, Spartanburg received less than anticipated at just over 6". But further south in the midlands and coastal flatlands, they got double digit inches in rain and there was no place for it to go. I went on Saturday, 10/3/2015, to the old Glendale cotton mill. It has the smokestack and two towers, the dam and old bridge (no longer used for traffic but still there), the old office building and the general store (now a post office). It's been made into a park with a picnic area, ampitheater, benches and walking trail. It's on Lawson's Fork Creek and the creek was flooding over the banks. I got these photos myself.

Now we took our grandniece and grandnephew, Stan's mother and sister for a picnic at the Glendale park and we actually sat on the rocks and the children waded in the puddles in the rocks. These photos were taken at the Glendale park on 8/13/2015.

Now compare to yesterday and you can tell the flooding. I sat on that bench and had my picnic while the children and Stan played on the rocks just in front of the bench. Well, here is the bench but the rocks are covered with wild water!

Now here are photos I found on Facebook of the flooding that has been happening in SC this weekend. These are NOT my photos and I don't make anything by posting them, it's just for interest sake. A lot of people could use prayers. We don't usually have such flooding so a lot of people have no flood insurance and this will be terrible for them.

Linville Falls

This was taken on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, SC. A shark!

Charleston, SC on The Battery

Canoeing through the Charleston Market in downtown.

I used these photos to do a 2 page digital scrapbook layout. I felt these photos represented this terrible devastation that South Carolinians are suffering and I wanted to document it for my annual scrapbook. Each year I put together an annual scrapbook and have it printed for our personal use. These pages will go in it.

Playing With Your Food

Our niece, Jenny, took these selfies of she and her oldest son, Brett, playing with their hamburgers and fries. Here is my digital scrapbook page of them playing with their food!

Brooke Rolls On Her Lollipop

Our niece, Jenny, told this funny story about her daughter, Brooke. It seems that the daycare teacher greeted Jenny when she came to pick up Brooke and asked her what type deodorant they use. Jenny told her they used roll on deodorant. The teacher said, "I thought so. When Brooke got her lollipop, she rolled it under her armpit and proceeded to do the same under the other armpit." I got such a laugh out of that. I just had to try and scrapbook the story so here is my digital scrapbook page of this funny story.

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