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Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Sixth Day In California

On Friday, our sixth day in California, Jenny took us to Muir Woods National Park to see the redwoods. It was the nearest redwood park. Brooke is getting ready.

It was a very easy boardwalk to see the woods. It was really nice. It was very crowded so parking was difficult. Peggy didn't think she could make the walk so she stayed in the car. Stan started to walk with us but he was nauseated so he went back to the car. After Jenny, Angie, the children and I made the walk, we went back to the car. We could tell Peggy it was beautiful and an easy walk so Stan took her for a short walk to see it.

Then Jenny took us to the Muir Beach overlook! We just couldn't believe all the beautiful things we were seeing!

The winding and steep road from Muir Woods National Park to the Muir Beach Overlook.

Of course, we got caught in traffic as we got nearer to Jenny's town. The kids were worn out. Brett and Brooke fell asleep first. Great Grandma Peggy sang with Ryan in the backseat before he fell asleep.

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