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Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Year's

For New Year's we did what we usually do... nothing! I will stay up watching TV and working on my laptop. Stan goes to sleep. At midnight, I will wake him up and wish him Happy New Year. We just aren't late night party people and it's safer to stay home. But I made this digital scrapbook page of my New Year's night.

Brooke's Funny Outfits

Virginia Jenny Elaine Harris Hauser had 2 little boys and then she had a little girl. It was so exciting to finally have a girl and the baby girl outfits were a little over the top but she looked so cute in them. I had to poke a little fun with this digital scrapbook page.

Brooke's First Birthday

Our grandniece, Brooke, had her first birthday and her mother, Jenny, took the sweetest peaches and cream photo of her. I also used the photo they had taken of her when she was 1 month old.

Sleeping Beauty

Our niece, Hannah, likes to take photos of her sleeping children. They look the sweetest and cutest when they are relaxed and asleep so I made this digital scrapbook layout of all her sleeping beauty photos from last year.


Our niece, Hannah, is showing her daughter, Savannah, how to take selfies. She makes the funniest faces so I had to scrapbook these selfies.

Savannah Wins Junior Yellow Belt In Her Karate Class

Our grandniece, Savannah, take Karate lessons at Hurricane Martial Arts. Hannah's family have enjoyed karate and her father still practices it so he's very proud of Savannah getting her Junior Yellow Belt. I made this digital scrapbook page.

I used the colors in the photo and since it was about her Junior YELLOW Belt accomplishment, I used the yellow as the main color. Since she is a little girl in constant motion and the name of the studio is Hurricane Martial Arts, I wanted to give the hint of a hurricane. So I used the messy stitching that formed a round frame. I used the drawn arrows to not only point at the photos but also indicates wind direction. The snarl and tangle of the black and white baker's twine goes along with that theme. The splattered pain, scattered blue circles and black stars continue the messy look I was going for. Hearts always symbolize love to me and we love her so much and her Papa is showing his love in the photos. I used a font, for the title, that has little bows because she is a girl and is usually wearing a bow in her hair. It's the little feminine indicator.

Savannah Got In Trouble

We had a few days of bad weather and our grandniece and grandnephew were sick. Not getting to go to pre-school and having to stay inside gave Savannah a little cabin fever and she did a few destructive things. The first one was to paint herself all over with her watercolor magic markers. It took 4 baths to get all the markings off. Then she used her play craft scissors to really cut a lock of her hair off. Her mother took these photos with her camera phone and Facebooked them. All the comments from friends and family provided me some great journaling to put on the page. I use this technique for journaling a lot. It's capturing a running conversation.

First, being a child and having made a mess, I wanted to really emphasize the mess. I picked a paper that had a lot of partially stamped images and ink splatters. I found some complimenting papers and placed them haphazardly. I used some color pencil shading brushes. I also placed some brads and buttons in a scattered fashion. This looks like it just happened but it was very carefully placed to attain that look. I used the colors in the photos.

Savannah's Birthday Party

Our grandniece, Savannah, had her 4th birthday in January and her parents, Luke and Hannah, gave her a birthday party at their church gym. It was a Barbie theme, of course. And they were able to get some bounce houses. A little one for the little children and the big one for Savannah's age group. Here are the digital scrapbook pages I made of her party. She was so excited and in perpetual motion!

I chose the colors based on her outfit. I liked the paper with the swirls because it makes you think of a tornado (which she is, but especially being hyped up on excitement and sugar). The messy painted picture frames remind you that she's a little girl and kids are just a little bit messy. LOL!

I used the colors in the photo of the Barbie cake (which are repeated in her Barbie bow). I've been dying to use the vintage look little girl holding the cake and thought this was a good place to use.

The colors in the photos are red, blue, green, brown, mauve pink. Normally those are not good combinations but I always go with the colors in the photos. I really think that matching with the photos, no matter what the colors are, will still bring the page together. And I think it worked on this page too. I used some word art to say, "It's My Party". These were the photos of them in the bouncy house and were snapped in succession. So I used the viewfinder reel frame. It's distressed which picks up the browns in the photos. For the kiddy mess, I used a blue stamp and spilled glitter paint. The birthday candle reminds you it's a birthday party. The repeating elements are the word art "It's My Party" and the flowers.

Brooke Poses

Brooke is our grandniece. Jenny and Kyle are her parents and they live in California. She's about 13 mos old. She started walking early. In this picture she looks like she's posing. Such a pretty girl, I wanted to make a digital scrapbook page showing her star quality and all her potential.

Again, being a child, I like for it to look a little messy. But my main theme was her star quality (therefore all the stars) and her potential (therefore the round flick indicator). She's a toddler so I used the bubbles which toddlers love. For the messy look I placed the varied the heights of the paper strips, used some loose stitching and threw in some brads. I used the circles and stars as the repeating elements. The circles are in some of the paper choices, the use of bubbles, the brads, the cut outs behind the photo and the flick indicator. I used the colors in the photo to make my color choices. I could use beige and red paper to create a page but the photo had such vivid colors that I don't think the picture and page would have gone together. The colors would have clashed. I almost always use the colors in the photo to make my choices unless I use a black and white photo.


Our niece, Jenny, and her husband, Kyle, got their kids a new dog too. They adopted a rescued orange and white Pomeranian that they named King. Their mother and my sister, Elaine, has her own Pomeranian dog rescue organization that is a 501c3 organization called PomRescue.com. So she always has a house full of Pommies. In fact, she wanted the grandchildren to call her Grommie (her husband wanted the grandchildren to call him Pickles). They love their Grommie and Pickles. But they also inherited a love of dogs and have favorites of Elaine's permanent Poms (some that she won't adopt out but will keep to the end). Brett wanted a Pommie of their own so Jenny looked around for a Pom to adopt where they live in California. She posted this picture of Brett and the new Pom. I think it's the happiest picture she's gotten of him since they moved across country to California (Kyle is in the Air Force and it's where they transferred him).

In this digital scrapbook page I let the messy, doodled paper be the messy look that I usually use for the children's pages. It's a perfect paper even in matching the colors in the photo. I used cartoon dogs because kids relate to cartoons and it makes it a fun look. I really wanted to pull out the happiness that the photo shows. Brett is really grinning so I wanted some fun elements which the cartoon dogs give. I used circles in several different ways - the title brad, the stitching, the dogs arranged in a circle. It's the repetitive element that keeps it cohesive.


Our nephew, Luke, and his wife, Hannah, got the kids a new puppy. He's a Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd mix that they named Gunner. The kids are very excited and Hannah took this photo of little Will on the floor playing with Gunner.

I usually use colors from the photos to decide on the colors I will use on the page. So I used green, tan, brown/black, blue and off white. I think using colors found in the photos always makes the photos and pages look like they go together. Being a toddler, of course I needed to indicate what a hot mess a toddler is. So most of my children pages will have a sort of messy look. It takes a lot of work to make something look like a mess just happened. Every element is placed carefully to give that casual jumbled look. The spilled paint and splatters are the base to get that look. I used the spirals to represent a toddler tornado. I used the cartoon dogs because toddlers relate to cartoons and they add the fun aspect.

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