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Monday, November 02, 2015

Fall Harvest Day Tractor Show, Arden, NC, October 23, 2015

I took Mom, Dad, our niece, Hannah, and her two children, Savannah and Will, to the tractor show. It was a beautiful day. Bright sunshine and moderate temperatures. My Dad loves the old tractors. The kids love it too!

We first stopped at a thrift store in Landrum, NC. Then we stopped in Hendersonville, NC for lunch at Hannah Flannagan's Pub and Restaurant.





Me (without my glasses)

After lunch, we started to the tractor show but I heard a thump. Hannah knew right away what it was. When I was feeding the parking meter, I had set my regular glasses, in their glass case, on the hood. Then I walked away. I didn't remember so I had assumed my glasses were in the car. I didn't notice the glass case on the hood until we heard that thump. Dad and I went back and walked along the road but never found the glass case so I'm without my regular glasses. I saw my optometrist on the following Monday and ordered my new glasses but I'm having to wear my sunglasses 24/7 until they come in.

Back to the tractor show.

Savannah loves pairing off with my Mother, her Great Grandmother. My Mother has Alzheimer's Disease and they are about the same mental age right now. Mother adores her great grandchildren and Savannah is so good with her.

Savannah's favorite tractor. She wanted to play on it so bad!

It was a wonderful day! Here are the scrapbook pages I made of the day.

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