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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Different Advent Calendar

A different way to do an Advent Calendar. Print these, cut them into strips and place one for each day of December in your Advent Calendar. Then do these Random Acts of Kindness as suggested each day. For children, make it a game and then at the end give them a prize.

1. Give a compliment

2. Tape change to a vending machine

3. Send a Thank You card to a soldier. A Million Thanks, 17853 Santiago Blvd., #107-355, Villa Park, CA 92861

4. Take a coffee to your teachers

5. Pick up litter

6. Donate books. You can donate it to your library, leave it in a waiting room with a sticky note that says "Free", give it to a hospital or jail, donate it to charity.

7. Leave a happy note for someone

8. Donate a toy to charity

9. Leave a candy cane in the mailbox with a note “For you”

10. Call some family that lives faraway

11. Do a chore for someone without complaint

12. Each of you donate a canned good to a food pantry

13. Smile at everyone you meet today

14. Feed the birds

15. Mail a Thank You card to your Fire Department and/or Police Department

16. Put a sticky note with an encouraging message on a public restroom mirror

17. Give a dog treat to a neighbor’s dog

18. Help bring in the grocery bags

19. Use Windex and clean your loved one's windshield

20. Tell your family 3 things you are thankful for

21. Take your dishes to the sink

22. Give a neighbor a Christmas ornament (handmade or bought)

23. Write a letter to send to an elderly family member

24. Share with your siblings today: kind words, coffee, dessert, a joke, an encouraging text, etc.

25. You did 25 Random Acts of Kindness this month! Jesus loves you whether you did these random acts of kindness or not. But doing these things shows your love for Him. Today we celebrate Jesus’ birth and you have given Him 25 gifts throughout this month.

For my post on Christmas Advent Calendar ideas.

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