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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Things I Don't Keep

There are things that I make a conscious choice not to keep. My Grandmother, who lived during the Great Depression would roll over in her grave at the things I don't try to save. I can be somewhat thrifty, but there are some things that I don't think are worth saving. Too much space, too much hassle, too much maintenance.

I don't save junk mail. As I go through my mail, I shred sensitive stuff and throw the rest in the recycle bin.

I don't save wire hangers. I don't like them, never have. I have my favorite styles of hangers and that's all I use. So you can't find a wire coat hanger in my house.

I don't save wrapping paper, tissue paper. I save gift bags to reuse up to a certain extent but if that gets out of hand, I get rid of what I don't need. I will recycle gift bags by giving them to others who will use them. I gave up wrapping presents. They go in a gift bag or the shopping bag I got from the store. I think wrapped packages are so pretty but it's just not me. I decided not to worry about wrapping. I don't keep ribbons and stuff either.

I don't keep most cards that I get. I keep the ones from my husband, those that have real meaning to me. I do have a box for the cards that I keep and a nice tin for the ones from my husband and the ones I give to him.

I don't keep cardboard boxes. I don't like to use cardboard boxes for storage. They get ratty looking and wimpy. And they attract bugs. The corrugation makes for bug homes. So I prefer plastic for storage. If I need to mail something, I use the boxes from the post office. They are free. So cardboard boxes go into recycling right away.

I don't usually keep any packaging like plastic bags, plastic tubs, bread ties. I keep a certain deli tub because it's perfect size for Stan's sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. But usually I don't keep packaging. It goes in recycling or the trash. I make sure it's something that I'm really going to use if I keep it. I have my Tupperware and similar containers so I don't need to keep throwaway containers. I'm not going to waste space keeping something that I don't need.

I don't keep clothes that I don't wear or have gotten too worn to wear. I have one or two outfits that I use for hard work. But if something gets a hole in it, gets stained or is not worth wearing, I get rid of it. I'm not going to waste space keeping every old thing I won't wear. I regularly, twice a year, go through my closet and pull out anything I don't wear or is getting too worn. What is still in good condition gets donated and anything in too bad a shape gets tossed.

I don't keep books I don't like or were just light reading. If it's not any good, I toss it in the recycle bin. If it's offensive, I recycle it. If I've read it and won't be reading it again, I pass it along. I give them to Friends of the Library. Or I leave them at the gym with a sticky note saying "Free".

I don't keep magazines. I used to but then I found it was wasted space. I wasn't going back and looking at them. I had them all organized but they were still wasted space and dust collectors. I do it all digitally now. I use bookmarks, Pinterest, etc. Pinterest is my magazine. I go through Pinterest and I pin stuff I see on other websites and I have all kinds of boards. That way, if I want to go back and look for something, it's there. Doesn't take up any of my space, I don't have to dust it. I can do all the enjoying without any of the hassle or expense.

I'm trying to do more collecting digitally than physically. All my scrapbooking is digital now. My hobby of genealogy means keeping digital records. My photography results in digital pictures. 75% of my books are digital on my tablet. I scan things and keep them digitally. It's really helping me. Give yourself permission to get rid of things.

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