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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baking Center

If you do any baking, you have an idea how great it would be to have a baking center in your kitchen. A place where you can organize your baking supplies and equipment. I did a Google search to find ideas for organizing a baking center. I looked for ideas from building in a baking center (the expensive solution) to just a way to organize your stuff (the cheap solution).

A real baking center will usually have a lower countertop versus the normal countertop. That's to help with rolling out doughs. It also may have a cool stone or wooden countertop for the same reason. I love this with the spring loaded mixer shelf.

I love how this is not painted cabinets like the rest of the kitchen. And it's wooden countertop is lower than the kitchen countertops.

This is a lovely mixing area, a corner just for baking.

If you don't have enough room (or money) for a fancy baking center, just set off a part of your regular countertops for your baking.

You can use plastic boxes to organize and store all those baking supplies like cookie cutters, pie pans, cake pans, pastry cutters, etc.

Maybe you don't have an expensive custom made baking center but you have some room in your kitchen to set aside a spot for a baking center. This was a great idea. Some open shelves with canisters and wooden top island for the mixer and rolling out. I bet that Hoosier cabinet stores baking supplies and I'm sure it saw enough baking in it's lifetime!

Nice canisters for your baking supplies.

This is probably one of my favorites. I love how you can close the cabinet doors to hide and yet, how practical when you fold them open!

Another one like it. Charming!

Another Hoosier cabinet used as a baking center.

This is beautiful. Boy I love it!

So vintage looking! If you are working around a lower window, use it for a baking center.

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