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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Measuring Cups and Spoons

I am always inspired by people's ideas on even something as simple as where you keep your measuring cups and measuring spoons! I love going on the Internet and doing a Google search and seeing people's ideas and creativity. And it's what I try to share here. I don't want to keep it to myself, I want to share what I find just like others shared and gave me ideas!

I have a drawer in my kitchen for all my baking items and this is where I keep my measuring cups and spoons. I also have my cookie cutters, biscuit cutter, rubber spatulas, etc. But as I looked at how others organize and store their measuring cups and measuring spoons I got some great ideas. So here is what I found and I hope it motivates you like it does me.

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