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Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Second Day In California

On the second day of our vacation, Jenny and Kyle took us to Sacramento, CA.

This is the Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge is a vertical lift bridge across the Sacramento River, linking West Sacramento in Yolo County to the west, with the capital of California, Sacramento, in Sacramento County to the east. It was previously a part of U.S. Route 40 until that highway was truncated east of Salt Lake City. It connects West Capitol Avenue and Tower Bridge Gateway in West Sacramento with the Capitol Mall in Sacramento. The bridge style represents a rare use of Streamline Moderne architectural styling in a lift bridge, making it an outstanding expression of the social and architectural climate of the period of construction. On December 15, 1935, then-governor Frank Merriam dedicated the bridge. The Tower Bridge was the first vertical lift bridge in the California Highway System. For years, the bridge was painted silver, but people complained about glare off the bridge. In June 1976 it was painted a yellow-ochre color, to be representative of the gold leafed cupola on the nearby State Capitol. In 2001, as the old paint job could hardly be distinguished, residents who lived within 35 miles of the capital voted on a new color scheme. They chose all gold. (Thank you, Wikipedia)

Sacramento is the state's capital and they drove us right by the capitol building. We couldn't stop because of the 2015 California Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony on Monday in Sacramento on the capitol mall. So we parked and walked Old Sacramento.

Old Sacramento Historic District of Sacramento, California (aka Old Sacramento, or Old Sac) is a significant tourist attraction. The Old Sacramento Historic District is a U.S. National Historic Landmark District. The city of Sacramento grew up in the mid-nineteenth century as a development from Sutter's Fort. The Fort was some way from the Sacramento River. The river was the main means of transport to the coast. So the modern city developed along the waterfront. But the area flooded often before the levee system was built. Thus the city's streets were raised a level. Most of the sidewalks and storefronts are fill in. There are many tunnels that still remain throughout Old Sacramento and the downtown area. Old Sacramento is the site of the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum, California State Railroad Museum, the California State Military Museum, the Sacramento History Museum, and the Wells Fargo History Museum. We did not get to do the museums.

Here we are going by the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum.

I loaded up on Orange Creme salt water taffy!

G. Willikers Toy Emporium

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