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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our Fourth Day In California

Tuesday night, my throat grew so sore and I got congestion in my throat and ears. I felt terrible and had aching and chills. If I had a temperature, it was low, but I felt terrible. So I stayed at the hotel on Tuesday. Stan and Jenny made sure I had food and drink. But otherwise, I didn't leave the hotel room. I was so mad to lose a day with my family and a day of our vacation. I figured if I wasn't any better by Thursday, I would have to go to the doctor. But I tried to handle it myself first.

Kyle had to leave for the rest of the week, job related business. We hated to lose him but Jenny handled us the rest of the week and she did a wonderful job!

Meanwhile, I sent my camera with Stan and let Jenny take the photos of the day. One of the thing that Brett had wanted to do with us was go-carts. So Jenny took Peggy, Stan, Angie and the children to a kids place that had games and go-carts.

That evening, Stan did take me out to eat at Tahoe Joe's where I got a good steak.

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