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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our First Day In California

Stan and I took Stan's mother, Peggy, and his sister, Angie, to visit our niece, Jenny, and her family in California. It was the first time any of us have been to California. They moved there last summer so we haven't seen them since last June. We could not wait to see them. Our plane left Charlotte, NC at 6:30am. That meant we had to be packed and ready to go at 3:30am. None of us slept that night. We were too excited. We picked Peggy and Angie up about 3:45am and got to Charlotte in just the right amount of time. We even managed to get something for breakfast at the airport before our flight left at 6:30am. Of course, time goes backwards as we fly west. It was about a 4 hr flight to Salt Lake City, UT where we got something for lunch. Then about an hour's flight to Sacramento International Airport. In our time it would have been 12:30pm when we landed. Then we had to pick up our rental BMW 500 series sedan and drive to her house which was about another 2 hours. I guess we got to their house at 2:30pm our time but that meant it was 11:30am their time. We still had most of the day to go in their time.

Brett was so happy when we got to their front door that he started crying. We weren't much better. We got a grand tour of their home and especially of the boy's room and their toys. Peggy and Angie were going to stay in their guest room. Stan and I got a hotel room nearby.

Great Aunt Sharon with Brooke, Ryan and Brett. Brett is holding their rescued Pomeranian mix, Chase.

Jenny holding Brooke.

Kyle holding Brooke.

Brett had told us to bring him some South Carolina Krispy Kreme donuts. He said the California KK donuts weren't the same. So my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Janis (who own the Spartanburg and Anderson Krispy Kreme stores) made sure we had several dozen donuts that they packed in special boxes and I carried them all the way across the country just for them!

Brooke picked a little flower to give to her Great Aunt Sharon and Great Grandma Peggy.

We spent the day visiting, catching up, playing with the children. We also had to go to the store and get some toiletries that we didn't carry. We tried to travel light with just a carry on bag each. This is Stan holding a sleepy Brooke.

We went to In-n-Out Burgers for supper. Jenny and Kyle had raved about their hamburgers and they were right. We had a great hamburger and french fries.

So this was our first day in California. Stan and I went to the hotel early and fell asleep early. I slept 14 hours straight!

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