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Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Fifth Day In California

On Thursday, our fifth day, I was still sick. Worse. I knew it was strept throat and cold and I knew I needed antibiotics. My immune system is pretty bad and I get infections very easily from anything. So I knew it meant a trip to the doctor, especially if I wanted to spend time with my family on this trip. I didn't know what to do. Jenny suggested an Urgent Care so we went there but it didn't open until 1:00pm and they suggested we go on their website and put our name on the waiting list. So I used my phone and located an Emergency Room. I felt terrible taking up so much time in the ER with strept throat but I didn't have a choice. They were nice and said I did the right thing and was at the right place. I did have a 2 hour wait but considering how busy they were, I couldn't complain. It could have been all day. I apologized to the doctor for taking him away from real emergencies but he was nice and said I'd done the right thing and he gave me a perscription for penicillin. While I had been waiting in the ER, Stan had gone to get himself some lunch. I really didn't want him in there so he wouldn't pick up something and there wasn't enough chairs in the waiting area, they were so busy. So I told him to just drop me off. After I was released and he picked me up, I suggested we go to Nappa Valley. Peggy had said she wasn't interested. I think she thought we would be just going from one winery to another. We didn't have that kind of time! LOL! But it was very close by so we braved the traffic and went. We stopped in Napa and I got a late lunch at Angeles Riverside Restaurant. Then we drove through the valley. My photos are taken from a the window of our car so they aren't the best but they give us an idea of what it looks like. It's a broad, flat valley surrounded by small mountains. On one side the mountains are a little more bare, the other side, the small mountains are covered with trees like our mountains. There are 4 SMALL towns in the valley but many wineries. Napa is the largest town but it's probably the size or smaller than Gaffney.

As we started out of the valley, we got caught back in the bumper to bumper traffic. While we were in traffic I noticed windmills in the distance that was as far as I could see.

Meanwhile, Jenny took Peggy, Angie and the children to a nearby shopping area that had a great children's park.

We got back to their house just in time to make Brett's t-ball game.

Warm up

He made it all the way around. He slid into 3rd base and scraped his arm up pretty good but he continued to play.

Again, he made it all the way around. So he got 2 home runs.

We went back to Jenny and Kyle's house and had pizza for supper.

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