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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Personal Space

The last couple of years I've been hearing all about "man caves" and now it's "mom caves" or "she dens". Basically we all need our personal spaces. Each person has their own interests, talents and our ways of relaxing. My hobbies are digital scrapbooking, genealogy, reading, dogs, history. Relaxing for me is to get comfortable and work on one of my hobbies whether it's reading a book, working on my laptop, watching TV, etc. I have my bedroom set up as my place. I have an adjustable bed and a nice computer desk that rolls right up. I have my TV. My room is my personal space, my "she den". My husband has his own room.

What are your interests? What is it that you like to do to relax? Do you just like a cozy spot to sit and be quiet while you read magazines; catch up on your social networks; check your emails; browse the web; shop online; read a book? Maybe you need a place to have your coffee and do your devotions? A place for quiet meditation and prayer? A place to do yoga or tai chi or exercises? Or maybe it's a place you look forward to going to in order to be creative? Some people like to curl up with good movies or quiet time to write or journal. Maybe just some soothing music and a puzzle.

There are ways to carve out spaces for you. Maybe it's a hobby/craft room, a music room, a screened in porch, a garden shed, an attic or basement. And if you really don't have a spot at home, look for one elsewhere such as a book store, coffee shop, chapel, gym, library, etc.

You want it to be comfortable and a place that you love to go. A place you look forward to going to. I like it to be clean and have order because that is soothing to me.

Here are some ideas I saw on the Internet to give you motivation to carve out a space for you. I tried to find some that are out of the box as it were.

This one is a temporary relaxing space.

Campers, especially, vintage ones are being fixed up and used as get aways in your own backyard.

Here, someone used a pop up trailer.

Here are some garden sheds turned into woman caves.

How about a porch whether it's the front porch, a screened in porch, a sun porch?

A hobby room, craft room or art studio

Maybe you could use your attic?


A hidden room, literally!

Niches or corners of a room.

This room is so gorgeous!

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