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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Savannah's Birthday Party

Our grandniece, Savannah, had her 4th birthday in January and her parents, Luke and Hannah, gave her a birthday party at their church gym. It was a Barbie theme, of course. And they were able to get some bounce houses. A little one for the little children and the big one for Savannah's age group. Here are the digital scrapbook pages I made of her party. She was so excited and in perpetual motion!

I chose the colors based on her outfit. I liked the paper with the swirls because it makes you think of a tornado (which she is, but especially being hyped up on excitement and sugar). The messy painted picture frames remind you that she's a little girl and kids are just a little bit messy. LOL!

I used the colors in the photo of the Barbie cake (which are repeated in her Barbie bow). I've been dying to use the vintage look little girl holding the cake and thought this was a good place to use.

The colors in the photos are red, blue, green, brown, mauve pink. Normally those are not good combinations but I always go with the colors in the photos. I really think that matching with the photos, no matter what the colors are, will still bring the page together. And I think it worked on this page too. I used some word art to say, "It's My Party". These were the photos of them in the bouncy house and were snapped in succession. So I used the viewfinder reel frame. It's distressed which picks up the browns in the photos. For the kiddy mess, I used a blue stamp and spilled glitter paint. The birthday candle reminds you it's a birthday party. The repeating elements are the word art "It's My Party" and the flowers.

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