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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Savannah Wins Junior Yellow Belt In Her Karate Class

Our grandniece, Savannah, take Karate lessons at Hurricane Martial Arts. Hannah's family have enjoyed karate and her father still practices it so he's very proud of Savannah getting her Junior Yellow Belt. I made this digital scrapbook page.

I used the colors in the photo and since it was about her Junior YELLOW Belt accomplishment, I used the yellow as the main color. Since she is a little girl in constant motion and the name of the studio is Hurricane Martial Arts, I wanted to give the hint of a hurricane. So I used the messy stitching that formed a round frame. I used the drawn arrows to not only point at the photos but also indicates wind direction. The snarl and tangle of the black and white baker's twine goes along with that theme. The splattered pain, scattered blue circles and black stars continue the messy look I was going for. Hearts always symbolize love to me and we love her so much and her Papa is showing his love in the photos. I used a font, for the title, that has little bows because she is a girl and is usually wearing a bow in her hair. It's the little feminine indicator.

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