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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Savannah Got In Trouble

We had a few days of bad weather and our grandniece and grandnephew were sick. Not getting to go to pre-school and having to stay inside gave Savannah a little cabin fever and she did a few destructive things. The first one was to paint herself all over with her watercolor magic markers. It took 4 baths to get all the markings off. Then she used her play craft scissors to really cut a lock of her hair off. Her mother took these photos with her camera phone and Facebooked them. All the comments from friends and family provided me some great journaling to put on the page. I use this technique for journaling a lot. It's capturing a running conversation.

First, being a child and having made a mess, I wanted to really emphasize the mess. I picked a paper that had a lot of partially stamped images and ink splatters. I found some complimenting papers and placed them haphazardly. I used some color pencil shading brushes. I also placed some brads and buttons in a scattered fashion. This looks like it just happened but it was very carefully placed to attain that look. I used the colors in the photos.

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