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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Making Yogurt

I purchased a yogurt maker from Amazon a few months ago and I've enjoyed making my own yogurt ever since. It's pretty simple.

Get your stuff ready. Clean your jars, lay out your ingredients.

I use regular 2% milk. I pour seven jars of milk into a big sauce pot. Heat the milk until it begins to bubble.

Remove it from the stove and let it cool down to lukewarm. Meanwhile combine what you want to go in your yogurt. I like to sweeten mine with honey or you can leave it plain. You can add vanilla flavoring, almond flavoring, fruit jams. Add to your taste.

Add a 7 oz container of plain yogurt with the live cultures in it.

Pour in the lukewarm milk and whisk together. Pour into the jars.

Just turn on the yogurt machine which keeps the jars heated for 6 hours. When it goes off, your yogurt is made and ready for the refrigerator!

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