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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Our niece, Jenny, and her husband, Kyle, got their kids a new dog too. They adopted a rescued orange and white Pomeranian that they named King. Their mother and my sister, Elaine, has her own Pomeranian dog rescue organization that is a 501c3 organization called PomRescue.com. So she always has a house full of Pommies. In fact, she wanted the grandchildren to call her Grommie (her husband wanted the grandchildren to call him Pickles). They love their Grommie and Pickles. But they also inherited a love of dogs and have favorites of Elaine's permanent Poms (some that she won't adopt out but will keep to the end). Brett wanted a Pommie of their own so Jenny looked around for a Pom to adopt where they live in California. She posted this picture of Brett and the new Pom. I think it's the happiest picture she's gotten of him since they moved across country to California (Kyle is in the Air Force and it's where they transferred him).

In this digital scrapbook page I let the messy, doodled paper be the messy look that I usually use for the children's pages. It's a perfect paper even in matching the colors in the photo. I used cartoon dogs because kids relate to cartoons and it makes it a fun look. I really wanted to pull out the happiness that the photo shows. Brett is really grinning so I wanted some fun elements which the cartoon dogs give. I used circles in several different ways - the title brad, the stitching, the dogs arranged in a circle. It's the repetitive element that keeps it cohesive.

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