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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brooke Poses

Brooke is our grandniece. Jenny and Kyle are her parents and they live in California. She's about 13 mos old. She started walking early. In this picture she looks like she's posing. Such a pretty girl, I wanted to make a digital scrapbook page showing her star quality and all her potential.

Again, being a child, I like for it to look a little messy. But my main theme was her star quality (therefore all the stars) and her potential (therefore the round flick indicator). She's a toddler so I used the bubbles which toddlers love. For the messy look I placed the varied the heights of the paper strips, used some loose stitching and threw in some brads. I used the circles and stars as the repeating elements. The circles are in some of the paper choices, the use of bubbles, the brads, the cut outs behind the photo and the flick indicator. I used the colors in the photo to make my color choices. I could use beige and red paper to create a page but the photo had such vivid colors that I don't think the picture and page would have gone together. The colors would have clashed. I almost always use the colors in the photo to make my choices unless I use a black and white photo.

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