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Friday, October 10, 2014

Cowboy Stew

Last Saturday I made Cowboy Stew over the fire.

Cowboy Stew

(Portions depend on how many you are feeding. I fed 6 people and had plenty left over.)
Stew beef
Garlic cloves
Red potatoes, washed and cut into chunks
Bush's Baked Beans
Beef broth

I used my cast iron pot on a fire pit that Stan had made. Once it was hot, I put the oil in and heated the oil. Then I added the onions and garlic cloves to the hot oil and cooked until transparent. Next I added the stew beef and browned it. Once the beef was browned, I added the potatoes and the beef broth. Let it simmer until the meat gets tender. Add the baked beans and let it cook awhile longer.

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Glendale Cotton Mill, Glendale, SC, 10/10/2014

Stan and I took a picnic to the park at the old Glendale Mill last Sunday. We had fish stew, my homemade bread, apple slices and cinnamon coffee. After our picnic, we took a walk and I got lots of photos.For a prior post on  Glendale Mill. It has the history of the mill and photos from a couple of years ago.

Our picnic in the ampitheater.

The ampitheater

I'm not sure why they are letting parts of it go back to the wild? That's disappointing because it's a nice park. There is a lot of Kudzu which takes over very quickly. I hope they will be able to get rid of it before it covers everything.

Hawks were reeling in the sky. There is a nest on top of the chimney but there were more birds than a nest. Wonder what they were huntin?

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