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Monday, May 05, 2014

Decorating Ideas For Your Crocks

You may have one or a collection of stoneware crocks. Whether they were used for butter churn crocks, pickle or pickling crocks, sauerkraut crocks, handled crocks, whiskey jugs, crock pitchers, jugs, etc. What are some ideas for using them today or decorating with them? I did a Google search and found some great ideas that I thought I would share with you. I don't have a single crock but I may have to start looking for some. I tried to pick photos that showed a single crock in the photo, as well as, a collection grouped together. I also looked for some used in different styles of decor. For instance, one crock used in a modern kitchen, several used in a traditional style, and collections used in a primitive American style. I also was looking for affordable to expensive. Here are a few photos of how they were originally used:

Now for the photos using these antique crocks in your home:

I like how they used this round layered cabinet for their crock collection!

Notice the beautiful stencil border!

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