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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

It was a wonderful Easter this year. We always get together at Stan's brother's house, Kenny and Anna's home. Everyone was there except our niece, Jenny, and her family. They currently live in Illinois. But several of us had sent her children Easter packages and she took some Easter photos of them. Here they are:

Ryan wasn't too happy with the Easter Bunny this year.

Coloring Easter eggs with some cousins

Ryan eating a chocolate bunny from one of the Easter packages

Aunt Melinda sent Brett a Cars afghan.

At Kenny and Anna's house:

Will sitting in his Grandmother's lap, my sister Elaine.

Great Aunt Kathi holding Will.

Luke and Stan's mother, Peggy

Poor Aaron had spent the morning at the bedside of a friend. His friend and 3 other people were in a car accident the night before. His two friends died, one at the scene and the other in the hospital. We are praying for the families.

Our nephew Luke with his daughter, Savannah.

Hunting Easter eggs
Savannah thought hiding Easter eggs meant throwing them!


Peggy and Kenny

Luke, Hannah, Savannah and Will

Seeing all the cars reminded me of how blessed we are. Not only that we have a large, healthy family who can gather together. But also that each of us have our own good cars to get around in. We have our homes and families, jobs, churches, friends, food, YES we are blessed.

Grandfather Ronnie feeding banana pudding to his grandson, Will. His grandchildren call him "Pickles" and Elaine is called "Grommie".


Ronnie and Kenny

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