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Friday, March 14, 2014

Useful Kitchen Tools - Kitchen Scissors

Another kitchen utensil that I use constantly are scissors. There are many ways to use scissors in the kitchen so having multiple pairs might make sense. For instance, I use some for opening packages, clipping coupons, snipping herbs, cutting string, etc. You want a strong pair and you might want a couple of other pairs for different jobs. I gave a pair of kitchen scissors to my niece one year for a gift and she said what I already knew, "That was one of the most useful gifts anyone's ever given me. I use my kitchen scissors all the time!"

Scissors are so handy in nearly every room of the house. You don't have to have just one pair of scissors. I keep different pairs in my bathroom, a pair in my bedroom, two in my kitchen and one pair in my laundry room. They all have their places and when I'm through, I put them back where they belong. Having multiple of some things is efficient.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Useful Kitchen Tool - Sporkit

I hope this is the correct name for this utensil, a sporkit. For years I struggled with serving spaghetti until I bought my first sporkit. It works like a charm. If you don't have one, get one! We use it all the time. A very handle kitchen tool.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Useful Kitchen Tools - Tooth Pick Holders

Have you every come upon a tool that was so simple that you couldn't believe you'd lived most of your life without using it before? I have and thought I would start revealing little things and tools that are truly handy. Not just the newest fad but something that I found was really a handy and important tool in my household.

The first one is the toothpick holder. For some reason, my Mom didn't keep a supply of toothpicks like I do now. I've always used toothpicks when leaving a restaurant but it was only about 10 yrs ago that it smacked me up the side of the head... toothpicks at home! I hate the cheap flat toothpicks! I mean I really hate them. My husband made the mistake a few years ago of buying the flat toothpicks despite the word "round" on the shopping list. I made him use them until they were gone and now he realizes why I hate them so I doubt I'll ever have that problem again. LOL! We couldn't wait to finish that box of flat toothpicks and I almost threw a party to celebrate the last one.

Anyway, once it occurred to me that I could have them at home, I wanted something to keep them in besides the flimsy box they come in. It never occurred to me that there were actual TOOTH PICK HOLDERS! I know I sound dense, but really it was just one of those little things that hadn't gotten my notice before. Anyway, on a trip to Niagara Falls, I saw a toothpick holder in the souvenir shop. I bought it and we used it a few years but then I accidentally dropped it. Of course, by then I knew there were tooth pick holders out there so I looked for them at yard sales and thrift stores to find my next one. I found a pretty old copper one and got that. Then at a yard sale I found someone's tooth pick holder collection and I bought a pretty blue glass heart. So I have 2 tooth pick holders now and having those toothpicks by the kitchen sink is very handy.

If you never thought about this handy, dandy little tool, get you a tooth pick holder and some ROUND toothpicks and see if you don't use them too. I honestly think using a toothpick after every meal can help keep plaque buildup down on your teeth. Just use good manners, don't throw a toothpick on the ground to trash the entrance of someone's business. And, at home, don't leave your used toothpick lying on a table top for that little "fairy" to pick up for you. Your wife, girlfriend or Mom shouldn't have to go behind you and pick up after you like that, especially personal items like used toothpicks, tissues, underwear, spit cups, etc. And don't chew it to pieces and spit it on the floor. That's very disrespectful because someone has to vacuum and mop your floors and you shouldn't deliberately trash your home and their hard work. That would be like you spending a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon washing and polishing your car only to wash a neighbor walk up to it and spit a long tobacco stream right on the hood. You would be angry and disgusted, angry because they ruined your hard work and treated it like it was nothing and disgusted because, well, because that's nasty.

Did you know there is actually a tooth pick holder collector's society called the National Toothpick Holder Collector's Society? There are so many to choose from. You can go elegant, funny, cute, retro/vintage, souvenir, etc. Leave it on the table with your salt/pepper shakers or leave by the kitchen sink, in your silverware drawer, wherever it works for you.

Here are some neat toothpick holders that I found doing a Google image search.

This vintage Tupperware salt and pepper set are in a stand that actually holds a few toothpicks in the handle.

This was unique. Businesses often have little giveaways for their customers. These freebies are often combs, ink pens, magnets, coffee cups. This business had their logo stamped on a plastic salt and pepper pair with a little holder. The trumpet shaped holder's handle holds toothpicks.

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