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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Making A Pantry

Our one story brick ranch has all the room and storage we need! It was a well planned house. From the kitchen, you go through a hallway into the laundry room and on into an office area with a full bathroom off the office area (bathroom is the green room at the end of the hallway). The office area had the door to the old garage. But since we had the full bathroom on that end of the house, we decided to enclose the garage to make an inlaw suite. We used the old shop off the garage for a bedroom. We put a full kitchen and living area with closets and storage area in, what used to be, the garage. This first photo shows you the hallway that leads to all that.

This hallway has builtin pantry cabinets and a large walk in utility closet (where I keep all my cleaning supplies and vacuum).

I decided that this hallway could be more of a full pantry with a little work. I could actually empty some kitchen cabinets. The first thing we did was to remove the door because that wall space could be used. (We have stored the door in case we need it in the future when someone in the family would need the suite like our parents. Then you would want the door for privacy.)

Next I bought some coated wire shelves from Lowes. These are just big enough to hold pint sized Mason jars. I decided that could be our spice rack. My husband put a sheet of luan over the sheetrock to give us something to screw to. I painted it glossy white to match the hallway. Then he put up the wire shelves while I transferred my spices into different sized Mason jars.

My Dad had made this apron hook from a tree branch for me. Stan put that up too.

Next I wanted to put some wood strips on the wall and add hooks to hang my cast iron skillets on. Stan and Dad put up some wooden molding and hooks. I painted them white.

You can also see that I had them add some wooden shelves over the doors. Most are glossy white but one I painted pale yellow. All of these shelves I bought at yard sales for next to nothing. The pretty yellow one was only 75 cents! They were dirty but I cleaned them up and painted the ones I needed to. I hung my rolling pins too. Coat hooks are perfect for that. My vintage celluloid rolling pin is not used but I love it's pretty yellow color. The Tang containers are unusual being white glass instead of clear glass. They also have embossed flowers. I wouldn't mind having a bunch of them so I'll be on the look out for them. I got both of them at a yard sale for $1.00. I added the sunflowers on top.

My wooden rolling pin is a small one, handmade, that I paid $1.00 for at a yard sale. It's just right for making 4-5 biscuits or small batches of cookies or dumplings.

I found these wire boxes at a thrift store last week. Perfect for holding our favorite instant teas from Walmart. I tacked up a couple of small nails and there they hang.

Now I have my pantry all done. It has emptied drawers and a cabinet in my kitchen so I'm very pleased. Thanks to Dad and Stan and some bargain shopping by me. The only thing I paid full price for were the wire shelves.

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