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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I've Done A Lot of Digital Scrapbooking Lately!

I didn't realize I had done so many digital scrapbook pages since the last time I posted. Here are my pages:

My Mother with her great granddaughter, Brooke.

Our grandniece, Brooke, dressed in a pink and purple tutu but playing with a purple muscle car!

Some of my favorite photos of Brooke.

Jenny told us this funny story and I just had to scrap it. Don't you know God loves this child and had a chuckle!

Elaine and I married brothers. Jenny and Luke are their children and our niece and nephew. Their children are like our grandchildren. Elaine and Ronnie's grandchildren call them Grommie and Pickles. So here is Grommie and Pickles loving on little Ryan, Jenny's 2nd child.

Luke and Hannah's daughter, Savannah, in her first pigtail.

Luke is so good to play with the kids. Here he let Savannah play "dress up" with him. I told him he reminded me of Jethro/Jethrene off the Beverly Hillbillies.

Luke and Hannah's son, Will, at his first birthday party.

Will seemed to have a growth spurt overnight!

Jenny's husband, Kyle, is in the Air Force and they are moving from East to West to California this week. This was Kyle's office (he has been a recruiter in the last 4 yrs) when he began in 2010. The last photo shows his office as he cleared out last week. Boy, 4 yrs goes by fast! We hate to see them go to California, so far away from us. But they are also excited to see what's coming up next in their lives.

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