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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Recycling Wine Corks

If you enjoy wine, then you have seen wine corks. There is evidently an argument for traditionalists who prefer real cork above the new style of wine corks, recycled wine corks. Either way, you can accumulate a lot of corks and there should be a way to repurpose the wine corks. I found some ideas by doing a Google image search. It always astounds me how crafty and smart people are. I saw corks used as wall coverings and backsplashes, bulletin boards, floor coverings, etc. And you don't have to use the full cylinder, but you can cut them in half lengthwise or cut into disks. Here are a few photos I found to give you some ideas.

Corks float so they would be good for boat keys.

Make your own small stamps.

A trivet

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