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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gay Bacon Strips?

I have no idea why gay bacon strips are funny but my niece's husband, Kyle, thinks it's funny. He got the t-shirts for his wife, Jenny, and his brother, Marc John. I made this digital scrapbook page about it.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Brett And Cars

Our greatnephew, Brett, loves cars. Maybe it's just because of the Cars movie but he's amazing with anything to do with cars. He can be in his car seat and going down the road. When he sees a car that is like one of ours, he can point it out and be absolutely correct! For instance, he'll see a GMC Yukon like mine and he knows that SUV is like his Aunt Sharon's car. He likes classic cars and he likes NASCAR races. He knows a Mustang from a Camaro and he's only 4 yrs old! They took him to a Cruise Night in their little town and his mother took these photos of him with the cars and this is my digital scrapbook page.

Our niece and her husband, Jenny and Kyle, took the boys to a tractor show. Brett loves John Deere tractors just like his Great Granddaddy Avery (whom he appropriately calls "Old Daddy"). Here is my digital scrapbook page of the tractor show.

Savannah Went Bowling

Our nephew, Luke, and his wife, Hannah, took Savannah bowling one afternoon. Hannah got some cute pictures of Luke helping Savannah. Here is my digital scrapbook page of their bowling trip.

Luke And Will

Our nephew, Luke, has a little boy named Will. Luke's wife, Hannah, took this sweet picture of Luke taking a nap while cuddling Will. So here is my digital scrapbook page of this sweet moment.

Picnic In The Park

Last Wednesday, Hannah and I took her 2 children, Will and Savannah, to a good park. Luke and Hannah are our nephew and niece-in-law so Will and Savannah are our grandnephew and grandniece. I made up a picnic of stuff I thought Savannah would like: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yogurt, applesauce, apple slices, cheese and Ritz crackers and some cold lemonade.

Last week and this weekend have been very warm for October but the humidity is low so it's not too uncomfortable. We got to the park about 11:00am and had such a good time. I got lots of pictures and some videos. We were the only ones there at that time of the morning so Savannah had her run of the place. In fact, she thought it was her personal playground. When man brought his son in, she was quite indignant! "MY PLAYGROUND!"

Great Aunt Sharon and baby Will!

We had lunch and she ran around and played some more. Then I took them for a quick shopping trip for being so good. Little Will was just happy to be along for the ride. As I took them home, both children fell fast asleep in their car seats.

Let's Do Something Different!

We tend to use the same colors to decorate for Fall. Deep red, rust red, orange, gold, yellow. And those are beautiful colors so don't throw them out! But you can use other colors as well. Sometimes it's just a jewel tone tossed in the mix to pop. Sometimes it's a very different color than what we normally think of for Fall but because it's done on something that represents Fall (like pumpkin), it works. And then there is the Fall monochrome idea where everything is white or cream but it's Fall items like the cream pumpkins, afghans, painted picnic basket, painted tree branches, etc.

I got on the Internet and tried hard to find photos of different, unusual Fall decor. Different colors especially. Thanks to all those on the Internet who share their wonderfully creative ideas with the rest of us. I don't make any claims to being this creative!

I don't think I would ever have thought about using an old rake for a Fall door wreath. Wow, what an idea!

Using a child's book was genius! And the bright purple and bright green leaves really go well together.

I like the idea of the metal tree with tiny winter squash!

Purple is popular for Fall.

Notice the square planters used as a coffeetable? Then just stacked some pumpkins on top. I also like the baby blue pillows in the mix.

I liked the poppy red and rooster pillow.

The vintage Thanksgiving postcards were a great idea.

I'm going to start looking for me a vintage tartan lunchbox. Too cool. And the game board fit right in.

I like the basket of pomegranates on the table and their maroon color is picked up in the cushions.

For that sophisticated look, the feathers, the cream and sage green pumpkins... outstanding!

This just is one of the cutest ideas I found. Way to go!

Who would say pumpkins can't be pink? Not me, anymore!

Here is the monochromatic look done to perfection. I love the idea of the tiered serving piece holding birdnests, leaves and small pumpkins and those cream pitchers.

What a stunning arrangement in a shabby chic chair.

The turquoise blue is painted above the fireplace. You might not think you can decorate around that for Fall but you would be wrong. I think it's charming. The bright green apples (apples are a fall element!), the brown candles (which I'm sure have a nice cinnamon scent), the bright orange tree limbs in the candlesticks are great together.

Fall is all about harvest. That's why we use wheat sheaves, pumpkins, winter squash, nuts, colored grain corn, hay in our decorating. I love the vintage Mason jar with the wheat in it, the nuts on top of the baking pan, all nestled in a galvanized tray. Nice!

This gorgeous door arrangement doesn't have the bright purple but a deep jewel tone purple. Very dramatic.

All the fretwork over this fireplace is gorgeous! I probably wouldn't have thought of using the green vintage tole tray (because of the spring flowers) but, BOY!, does it work!

These BRIGHT colors are just fun!

I'm loving the orange with the blue vases!

Who would have thought of using a vintage toy truck and some vintage toy tin buckets? So smart!

I liked this arrangement in the old pewter pitcher.

The added bling of the mercury glass makes this vignette shine!

Bright apple green with brown... this wreath is just classy!

This is very understated. The velvet pillows, the earthy vases, the fruit branch on the coffee table is all it takes to make this room glow for Fall.

These blue pumpkins would be fun to have around.

These flowers are not your usual Fall sprays. But added with the wooden pedestal servers, the dark bronze lantern and footed vases, the yellow candles and white miniature winter squash, it screams AUTUMN anyway!

The jewel tone blue really makes the rust red bow before it!

The olive green in this Fall wreath really works with the owl. And owls are very fashionable right now.

You can decorate your bathroom for Fall with just a few bright accessories.

I'm hooked on how they used the books in this vignette! Open, stacked, standing. And adding the clock and the statue along with that melon still life artwork really made it.

There is nothing in this shabby chic vignette that I don't like! The miniature rake on the garden gate. The enamelware dishpan full of winter squash; the chicken and the gold lighted trees in galvanized buckets... LOVE IT!

Another understated elegant look for Fall. It's the dark accessories and brown velvet damask chair that make it. It makes you think library on a cold day with a fire in the fireplace and a good book.

Mercury glass and silver candlesticks dress up this, otherwise, primitive look. Sort of like mink and blue jeans. I have been noticing that decorators are using footed "platforms" (?) in the center of tables lately. It raises the center arrangement off the table.

This is just so bright and fun that I had to throw it in!

This gives me ideas on how to use my milk glass. And the white feather wreath is stunning.

Remove the orange flower arrangement and the tree branches and this room reverts to being a bright, chic living room. But those two things let me know what time of year it is.

So kicky and fun!

If you have one of those fabulous old dough bowls, here's how to fill it for a Fall centerpiece in your dining room.

I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have.

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