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Friday, September 06, 2013

Baby Will

This photo of our greatnephew, Will, was a little fuzzy and overexposed so I used a filter to make this. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Savannah And Her Great Aunt Sharon

I wanted to try this technique so I used a photo of my holding Savannah. It took me 5 hours to do this digital scrapbook page. It looks deceptively simple.

Savannah And Will

Our nephew, Luke, and his wife, Hannah, had a baby boy this year. Savannah took right to Will when he came home from the hospital. Here is the digital scrapbook page of her getting used to the idea of a little brother.

Savannah's Second Birthday

Savannah turned two years old this year. I made this digital scrapbook page of her 2nd birthday party.

Father's Day

On Father's Day the family did an outdoor picnic at the farm on the back 40 at the creek. Our nephew, Luke, and his wife and little girl played in the creek. I made this digital scrapbook page of her in the creek.

Savannah In Dreamland

I tried to make a fantasy land digital scrapbook page with our grandniece, Savannah. I'm not thoroughly happy with the results but it's not bad.


Our grandnephew, Brett, has wanted to go hunting with his Daddy. Since it's about to be hunting season, Kyle took Brett out to the woods and showed him how he climbs up in a tree with a tree stand and uses his bow to hunt deer. Brett was thrilled. I made this digital scrapbook page of their day in the woods.

Makes You Wanna Lose Your Mind

Our niece, Jenny, has 2 little boys and a little girl on the way. She posts photos of the boys and they are so cute. They can get in a mess! There is a song that was running through my mind when I made this digital scrapbook page of some of their antics.

Brett And Ryan In The Garden

Jenny has helped Brett plant a mini-garden in their yard last year and, again, this year. He and Ryan like to play in the dirt and mud. The photo of Ryan with the mud on his face is priceless! I had to do a digital scrapbook page of them in the garden.

Brett's Favorites At Four Years Old

I asked our niece, Jenny, some questions about her son, Brett, so I could make this 2 page layout. I wanted to know what his favorite movies were, his favorite TV shows, favorite food, favorite candy, etc. Then I made this two page digital scrapbook layout.

Brett Goes Back To Pre-School

Our niece, Jenny, took this photo of her oldest son before he went back to pre-school. This is his last year in pre-school. She said he was excited to go back. Of course, she put it on Facebook and the news hit the family and Facebook was abuzz. I just had to include the comments swirling around this big day so here is my digital scrapbook page on his first day back to school.

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