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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ryan On A Recent Summer Visit

Jenny and Kyle brought the boys down for a summer visit and we are always so excited to see them. The family starts gathering at Elaine and Ronnie's house so we can descend on them as soon as they pull up. The great grandparents: Mom, Dad and Peggy are called Old Mother, Old Daddy and Grandma Peggy. Then there are some of the great aunts and great uncles: Stan & I, Angie, Melinda. Uncle Luke and Aunt Hannah brought their children, Savannah and Will. Others came in and out after dark. They boys have been cooped up in a car since 8:00am so they are ready to play. Elaine always gathers plenty of toys for inside and outside.

Playing at the old family farm.

Aunt Jenny holding her Ryan and her niece, Savannah.

Great Aunt Angie holding Ryan.

Elaine and Ronnie with Jenny and Luke with the grandchildren.

Elaine and Ronnie, Jenny and Kyle, Luke and Hannah, and the 4 grandchildren.

Aunt Jenny holding her new nephew, Will.

The grandchildren call Ronnie, Pickles and Elaine, Grommie. Here is Pickles with baby Ryan watching the race.

Brett On A Recent Summer Visit

Our niece, Jenny, and her husband and boys came for a summer visit. Both sides of her family begin arriving at Elaine and Ronnie's house so that when they drive up, we can't even allow them to get inside. We all are waiting anxiously outside. Brett has done this enough to where he is as excited as we are. They got up about 4am to get ready to hit the road. Jenny said he was running around shouting, "Hurry up, Daddy, I'm going to see my family!" So the first photos are the ones we took when they first drove up. Eventually we move inside but while it's still light outside the boys play. They've been cooped up all day in the car so they are ready to play! Then, throughout the week, I got some great photos.

Here he is riding an old pedal tractor that Ronnie and Elaine had bought for Luke for Christmas when he was 2 yrs old (Luke is now 27 yrs old!)

Krispy Kreme chocolate donut is always better on a pedal tractor!

He's been trying all different kinds of sports. Here he is showing off his karate kicks.

Now he's trying the big tricycle that my Dad (his Great Grandfather whom he calls "Old Daddy") bought for Jenny and Luke when they were Brett's age.

Since it's a special occasion he is allowed a 2nd KK chocolate donut.

Other photos throughout the week.

Brett with his cousin (Luke's daughter), Savannah.

Playing in the creek on the old family farm.

Elaine, Ronnie, Jenny and Luke with their 4 children.

Elaine and Ronnie, Jenny and Kyle, Luke and Hannah, Brett, Ryan, Savannah and baby Will

Notice all the adults getting out the quarters, myself included.

The grandchildren call Ronnie, Pickles. They call Elaine, Grommie.


Playing with the blower.

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