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Friday, June 21, 2013

Evans and Chelsea's Wedding In Scrapbook Pages

Here are the digital scrapbook pages I've done of the wedding so far. I will continue to add to them until I'm through. I plan to have a book printed to give them for Christmas.

Chelsea's ring was gorgeous.

Engagement Photos

Wedding Rehearsal Banquet. Evans & Chelsea wanted the whole family there, not just the wedding party which was so sweet. We really enjoyed it.

The church where the wedding was held.

Facebook messages on the day of the wedding.

Wedding portraits. The photographer did a wonderful job for them.

The Wedding Reception was held at a local country club and it was a really pretty venue and the food was great. I was impressed with the staff.

I took the photos of the family at the Reception. The wedding photographer focuses on the couple and wedding party so we wouldn't have family photos if not for me. Keep that in mind when you have a wedding and let the family bring cameras if they want to. As long as they are not taking photos in the service, let them take candid photos. I wanted to take some photos that picked up on something you wouldn't normally think of. Of course, I got shots of the family, that's a given. But I also took photos of the food, the flowers, the high heel shoes. Just think of something outside the box and snap a few. Here is the digital scrapbook page I made of the high heel shoes that are so extreme now. It's so fashionable but one day they will look back at this and laugh.

They had a beautiful wedding cake.

Dancing at the Reception

Candid family photos.

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