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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Evans and Chelsea's Wedding and Reception

Our nephew, Evans, married his high school sweetheart, Chelsea, this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Here are the photos I took.

On the way in to the church, I took this photo of my husband, Stan.

Our beautiful niece, Jenny, and her husband, Kyle.

Our beautiful niece-in-law, Hannah, is married to our nephew, Luke. They got married in a beautiful wedding in 1999 and they have a 3 yr old girl and 2 month old boy.

This are two more of our nephews, Jacob and Joshua, with their mother, Tina, and Joshua's current girlfriend.

Chelsea with her Bridesmaids

Chelsea made a lovely Bride.

The Reception was held at Holly Hall at Carolina Country Club. It was a beautiful place to have a reception.

The Bride and Groom and parents' table.

The hors d'oeuvres

The flowers, in the Wedding and the Reception, were very elegant.

They had a wine and beer bar.

The wedding cake was truly beautiful. It looked like something in a magazine.

Unfortunately for me, the lighting wasn't the best for my photography skills. I'm sure their professional photo experts knew how to work around it. But while it was daylight, with all the windows, I had a lot of sun glare from the windows which makes everything inside too dark. After dark, the low lighting made for grainy photos. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 to try to fix them to the best of my ability. I did the best I could. I also included a few photos that others snapped with their cell phones and put on Facebook. Here is Jenny and Kyle with Hannah and a couple of friends, Adrian and Christy.

Our Hannah and Christy

Stan's youngest sister, Angie, looked lovely in her purple dress.

Stan's sister, Kathi.

Stan's Mother, Peggy, with her friend, Bill Cubitt.

Joshua had a shadow on his face, he's not got a spray tan line, LOL.

Kenny and Anna are the Groom's parents and Stan's younger brother. This is some of Anna's family. Her father, her brother, her sister-in-law and their two sons.

Unfortunately for my photos, Luke was in the Wedding Party, so I didn't get too many photos of him because he wasn't there for a good part of the time that I was taking photos. I got a few.

Stan and I at the Reception.


Stan's younger brother, Donnie, with his two sons, Jacob and Joshua.

All the younger girls were wearing the super high heels that are in fashion now. Being tall, I've rarely worn high heels and certainly can't wear what they wear now, at my age. I'm 5'11" so adding a 6" heel (which seems conservative to what some girls wear) would make me 6'5"! Here are Jenny, Hannah and Christy's shoes. One day they will look back at pictures of their shoes and won't believe they were able to wear them!

The Wedding Party arrives from the church after taking all their pictures.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

Aaron is the Groom's brother. He just graduated from The Citadel and is unattached. Therefore all the girls were buzzing around him like bees to honey.

Luke tucking in to the dinner. Hannah and Luke look so good!

The Groom's mother, Anna, was looking beautiful in her aqua dress. Here she is checking to make sure we liked the food. It was great. There was chicken breasts with a white sauce, potato casserole, green beans, corn, salad, and rolls. It was very good.

Anna with a friend of Evans', Adrian.

Jenny and her brother, Luke.

Our niece, Katie, and her husband, Dustin, were in the Wedding Party. They are a gorgeous couple and sweet inside and out.

Kathi's mother-in-law, Katie's other grandmother, Meg

The Bride and Groom cut the cake. It was a delicious white and strawberry layer cake.

Now the dancing starts. The DJ was good at getting things going and the Bride and Bridesmaids didn't hesitate to get on the floor. That got the rest of us going. Yes, I danced. I used to love dancing as a teenager but haven't danced much since then. But I drank enough wine to lower my reserve and danced. Of course, I paid for it for the last 3 days. I've been bedridden with pain. But it was fun while it lasted. (And you won't find a picture of me dancing in this post!! LOL!)

All the cousins with their grandmother, Peggy.

All the cousins with their spouses (except for Chelsea who was busy dancing) with their Grandmother Peggy.

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