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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Moving Yellow Outdoors!

Do you ever think about the colors outside your home? When it comes time to paint your house, you may consider the colors to paint your house but what about your landscaping, your patio, your porch? So many people seem stuck on various shade of beige and tan, khaki and white. Everything from wall colors to carpets, and even outside with tan patio umbrellas, cushions, etc.

Let's think outside the box! Not that I'm encouraging you to ruin the neighborhood by painting your house chartreuse. But there are ways to add some color to your house and yard that draws your eye and makes your home stand out. First, I would suggest you look around your neighborhood and make sure what you paint your house is going to be acceptable. You might decide on a pale yellow with white trim. It's sunny, cheerful, light, colorful but not enough to make your house stick out like a sore thumb and make your neighbors mad. But if you live at the beach, where it's not unusual to see turquoise, fuschia and aqua, then consider a brighter shade of yellow. You also want to keep in mind that you will be living with the color scheme for awhile because painting the outside of your home is a major project. So try it out first by purchasing some colors and shades in sample sizes, paint it on a board or on a section of the house in the back and give yourself a couple of days to look at it before you make a choice. Or get color paint swatches and take them home. Over a glass of wine or iced tea, sit with your spouse and go through them and see what they look like in the natural light.

I decided to do some posts on using color outside. Now I'm one to talk since my house is brick and gray. But when we purchased it the roof eyebrows were vinylsided in gray so we were sort of stuck with that color for most of the trim. I've been wanting to do a bright front door to bring some color but just haven't gotten around to painting outside yet.

Anyway, I chose, for my first color, yellow and I did a google image search to find ideas on how to use yellow on your house and around your house outdoors. I appreciate all those who share their ideas on the Internet and who give us all ideas and get our creative juices flowing.

Yellow and white is pretty safe. But you can pair it with other colors that you don't normally think of. For instance, this first old home also uses green and the natural brown of the windows, doors and copper gutters.

Yellow and gray! I had not thought of that combination but it looks great here.

This yellow and white is paired with teal blue and I think it's outstanding!

Maybe you want or need to keep your house toned down but want to add a punch of color. Try these yellow tricks!

Always remember that everything outside is going to get dirty. It's the nature of being outdoors. There is pollen, dust, rain, construction dust, wind that blows dust and pollen around. So you want to be sure you keep your outdoors down to a size you can handle. I would rather see a simple patio with a single chair that is CLEAN than an elaborate patio staged like a play furniture,curtains,fountains and fireboxes but they are dirty, torn, peeling paint, weedy, rusting. If you can't keep it up and clean, or can afford to hire someone to keep it up and clean then keep it simple.

Cassia Tree

You can also use plants, bushes and trees to bring color to your yard too. Filling the garden with colorful plants that show color all year long is a great way to add color. Trees that turn yellow in the fall is something to consider. Place them well so that they can bring shade where you need it but they don't clog your gutters or the roots tear up something like your septic tank, water lines, sidewalk, driveway, etc. Here are some other ideas for bringing yellow to your landscaping.

Early Spring

Yellow Tulips


Yellow Lady Banks Roses

Yellow Rhodendron

Yellow Wisteria


Yellow Petunias


Yellow Roses

Yellow Honeysuckle

Yellow Daylilies

Yellow Geraniums

Yellow Smoke Bush

Yellow Trumpet Vine

Blackeyed Susans

Fall Chrysanthemums

Yellow Pansies

Variegated evergreens like this mini hinoki give a winter yard some color.

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