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Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Season Do I Like The Most

Plinky.com prompt: For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to? I look forward to Spring every year because it means the start of the warm season. I love to see the leaves popping out, the flowers, the garden vegetables, the floral smells. Of course, it also brings back memories of getting out of school. I loved summer as a child and still do. Now I have problems with my body temperature. I stay miserably hot and have hot flashes on top of my normal hot body temperature so hot weather makes it worse. I also hate the bugs of summer like mosquitos. But with Spring I get to enjoy warm weather before it gets summer hot. And my house and most places are air conditioned and safe from bugs. I love the smell of honeysuckle, gardenia, roses, tea olive, etc. I love fresh tomatoes, watermelon, cantelope, roasted corn on the cob. I love the sound of a summer night and the fireflies. And, although I like Fall, I really dislike Winter, so Spring is the season I prefer the best.

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